Historical story

Cut for the cold:Neanderthals

Neanderthal Man knew a hostile world. The species appeared about 200 thousand years ago and disappeared just over 30 thousand years ago. Lived in Europe, part of Asia and the Middle East. The Neanderthal world was colder and inhabited by huge bears, mammoths and furry rhinos.

Like the beasts that were his contemporaries, he was cut out for the cold. His nose was wider, his body short - he was no more than five feet - and muscular. These adaptations allowed him to better withstand the rigors of the climate, but they were not enough to make him overcome modern man, with whom he lived for thousands of years.

Today, not a few scientists believe that competition with modern man was the main reason for the extinction of Neanderthals.

Basically, Neanderthals and modern humans share many physical characteristics, although the former had a more retracted forehead and prominent eyebrows.

Neanderthals were able to make jewelry and tools, bury their dead, hunt neatly and are believed to have developed some form of language, albeit a more primitive one.

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