Historical story

The first years in America. How did the newcomers from Europe deal with the New World?

They left the Old Continent in search of a better life. The New World, which they reached after a long and difficult journey, by no means turned out to be a paradise on earth. How did the Pilgrims, founders of the first English colonies in America, survive their first years on inhospitable land?

In 1620, Puritan settlers on the Mayflower sailed for the New World, fleeing religious persecution in their native England. They landed at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts. Despite hunger and exhaustion, fate was favorable to them - friendly Indians taught them to sow crops and helped celebrate the first Thanksgiving. The United States developed out of this promising seed. Such a mythical message is widely received.

You will learn about the fascinating fate of the founders of the English colonies in America in the book by Nathaniel Philbrick, Mayflower. A Tale of America's Beginnings ” , which was published by Wydawnictwo Poznańskie.

In fact, the Indians and English colonists did not live in such an idyllic state of mutual aid. The first half-century of contacts were filled with rivalry and compromises. In the next generation, this fragile peace turned into one of the bloodiest wars fought on American soil, marking the beginning of a two-century-long extermination of indigenous peoples. Dreams of creating a perfect world were soon collided with brutal reality , and after an unsuccessful attempt to enslave the Indians, slaves from Africa were used.

"Mayflower. A Tale of America's Origins ”is a unique and extremely engaging book about courage, community and struggle. It is far from the usual stereotypes, and the tangled fate of the main characters of the drama:William Branford - the first governor of the colony, Benjamin Church - the brave slayer of the natives, Massasoit and King Philip - the unfortunate Indian leaders, are the best proof of this.

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