Historical story

The history of our consciousness

This is a story that REALLY goes back to ancient times - the story of life on Earth.

Famous neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux explores the natural history of life on Earth, presenting a new look at the similarities between us and our ancestors from ancient times. This engaging overview of all terrestrial evolution sheds new light on how animal nervous systems evolved, how the brain formed, and what it means to be human.

The author argues that the key to understanding human behavior is to look at evolution through the prism of the first living organisms. By tracing the chain of evolutionary chronology, it shows how even the simplest unicellular organisms had to solve the same problems that we and our cells must solve every day.

We highly recommend it to anyone who wants to understand man's place on this planet.

"Only by knowing this story in all its complexity will we really understand who we are now and how we have become."

Joseph LeDoux