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You wouldn't want to get in their way. 10 really dangerous women

Millions of subjects trembled before them. They were the occupiers' worst nightmare. By their willpower and tenacity, they were able to change history. And they changed.

This time, traveling through the ages, we have prepared for you a list of deadly women with whom it was better not to mess with. As always, all TOP10 items are based on the articles we publish. This time, they were texts marked with the category of a woman in history.

Ten extremely dangerous women


Princess Olga is venerated as a saint in the East. She is portrayed with a halo and Christian symbols. All her dark doings were forgotten. Conspiracies, murders, ethnic cleansing ... This woman was like an angel of horrible revenge (read more about it) .


A ship full of men, the truest pirates - terrors of the seas . The iron code stating:women and boys are not allowed, and they, real pirates. Among them, she comes from the ancient pirate clan Grace O'Malley, who raids the enemies of Queen Elizabeth I with fire and sword (read more about it) .


Queen Bona Sforza was not called a viper for a parade. She was a mother-in-law from hell, persecuting her next daughters-in-law, a seasoned politician, a great schemer and an insanely talented manager. She was irreconcilably hostile to her enemies, and she could hold a grudge for years. She used all her talents with redoubled strength when the ailing Zygmunt the Old released from his hands the helm of government (read more on this topic) .


The spy woman who inspired Sir Ian Fleming creator of James Bond. Krystyna Skarbek was the true ace of intelligence and Winston Churchill's favorite agent. Beautiful and hellishly effective, she could even intimidate the Gestapo by posing as the niece of Field Marshal Montgomery (read more about it) .


At the mere mention of Belle Gunness a shiver runs down my spine. This woman was a deadly black widow who killed dozens of men. At least. She has never answered for her crimes, although more than many famous serial killer have committed them (read more about it) .


Alice Kraffczyk Brunner and Kloss could only clean shoes. She was a perfect spy and, in addition, working for Poland. Meticulous and careful, she was never detected. She masked herself perfectly. So much so that when she joined the embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Warsaw, our own ignorant counter-intelligence investigated her as a German agent (read more about it) .


They were determined and dangerous. At a time when the role of a woman was reduced to being a domestic hen, they did not intend to limit themselves. When the independence of Poland loomed on the horizon, they put on men's disguises, took up arms and, arm in arm with their colleagues from the detachment, attacked the enemy. Sometimes they are even braver than them. Nata Grodzińska was able to smash anyone who was under fire under fire (read more on this topic) .


Enriquea Martí i Ripollés was especially dangerous if you were a stray little child. Like Baba Yaga, she was kidnapping children and killing them. Only one thing differed from her fairy-tale counterpart. She did not eat her victims, but transformed them into secret potions that even the King of Spain himself had to use (read more on this topic) .


They were the terror of the tsarist soldiers rampaging in Warsaw. Delicate, beautiful, elegant. They did not arouse the slightest suspicion when they appeared in public places. Shots rang out and bombs flew in the air. Polish terrorists did not hesitate even for a moment. Wanda Krahelska, taking revenge for the death of her beloved, took as much as possible. She decided to kill the Governor-General of Warsaw (read more about it) .


And finally crème de la crème dangerous women, the most famous ruler of Egypt. Cleopatra needs no introduction. This woman was unstoppable. Everyone who wanted to humiliate her and take away her power has found out about it. Cunning and hellishly intelligent. You wouldn't want to get under her skin (read more about it) .