Historical story

Ambitious and majestic. They made Poland a superpower

They defended the power of their loved ones. They made political decisions that were testament to their insight. They commanded the army and did not allow anyone to treat them like puppets. It is these queens that are reminded of the book "Ladies of the Polish Empire", which is an award in our competition.

In today's competition, we have for you three copies of Kamil Janicki's latest book, "Ladies of the Polish Empire". To win one of them, you need to answer all the questions correctly and have a bit of luck during the drawing. Remember that you will find all the answers in our articles and in articles published on the TwójHistoria.pl website.

In our competition you can win one of the three copies of Kamil Janicki's latest book entitled "Ladies of the Polish Empire" (Horizon 2017 sign).

The competition is now over. We thank all participants. The list of winners will appear in the next newsletter. You can find the full rules of the competitions HERE.

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