Historical story

Why have there been no terrorist attacks in Poland?

When modern terrorism was born and in Western Europe more and more bloody attacks took place, blissful peace and silence reigned in People's Poland. Why did terrorist attacks bypass our country? Is it the result of good work of the services or has something else influenced the situation?

The explanation of the phenomenon must begin with the figure of Abu Nidal. Leaders of the Palestinian terrorist organization "Fatah - Revolutionary Council", which was responsible, inter alia, for the attack in the Jewish part of Paris in 1982, where 6 people were killed. The organization of the "father of struggle", because that was the nickname of Abu Nidal, did not operate only in Western Europe. She also carried out her attacks on the other side of the Iron Curtain. Poland, however, was protected against it, and this is because ... Fatah obtained weapons from here.

Representatives of this organization were in constant contact with the so-called Cenzin, i.e. the Central Engineering Board, which made a deal with a company associated with Abu Nidal called S.A.S ( you can read more about Cenzin in our other article ). The company was based in Warsaw and, under the pretext of trading in agricultural machinery, sold Kalashnikovs manufactured in Radom, or the Polish RAKs - small, handy submachine guns to the Middle East.

Jo Goldenberg's Parisian restaurant. It was here in 1982 that a bloody attack took place that cost the lives of six people. The Palestinian terrorists responsible for it led the lives of golden youth in the People's Republic of Poland.

Rich Students

The trade was mutually beneficial. The weakened Polish economy needed money, and the terrorist made a fortune from the arms trade. Therefore, the Security Service concluded a secret agreement with him, under which he could run his dark interests without any obstacles, and Poland was free from his attacks . In addition, the government has pledged scholarships for young terrorists. They could easily come to Poland, study and prepare for their activities. Of course all at the expense of the government .

They were not typical students. Having a guaranteed place at the university, they did not worry too much about studying. They even received $ 500 a month, while the average salary in Poland at that time was around $ 30. They ate their lunches in expensive restaurants, they didn't ride trams, but black Mercedes, they shopped in Pewex, and in their free time they used the services of exclusive prostitutes.

In addition, Abu Nidal underwent major heart surgery in 1979 and doctors recommended him rehabilitation in a cooler climate. Poland was an ideal place for him, where he could recover without being disturbed by anyone. In 1981 he moved to a villa with his family 60 kilometers from Warsaw and managed his organization through couriers.

End of symbiosis, beginning of free market

However, the blissful relationship between the Palestinian terrorist and the Polish People's Republic did not last long. The American CIA learned about S.A.S quite quickly and threatened Wojciech Jaruzelski that if he did not liquidate the company, the United States would not grant another loan to the ruined Polish economy.

The authorities were forced to shut down the company, but the arms trade continued. The political transformation and the free market have increased the possibilities of churning a deadly deal. In Poland, at least - according to the shadowy contract - there was indeed no attempt at all. But was it worth supporting terrorists for this purpose?


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