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Was Stalin a pedophile?

Two marriages of Stalin were unsuccessful - the first wife died of tuberculosis, the second was killed by the dictator. However, Soso's sex life is also about fascinations and romances with very young girls. Including one with a 13- or 14-year-old girl who became pregnant.

At the beginning of 1914, the tsarist authorities imprisoned Józef Dzugashvili in Kuriejka, a roofed village in the taiga on the lower Yenisei. Two exiles lived together in a wooden hut:a Georgian subversive from the provinces (that is, the future Stalin) and a big city Jewish intellectual - the future Prime Minister Yakov Sverdlov. The experiment did not last long. Józef did not feel like cleaning up, so the pedantic Jaszka was making excuses for him and cleaning himself up. Pleased with himself, Koba named the dog after his companion.

The conflict seems trivial and completely typical. Oh, a pedant and a man who appreciates a bit of chaos trying to come to an agreement in one house. The list is known to almost everyone who had roommates in college. It is very possible, however, that it was about to start more. And that Stalin fell to Sverdlov not only from his love of dirt.

The Russian historian Oleg Khlevniuk, probably the most prominent contemporary expert on Stalin (according to the words of another eminent researcher, S. Sebag Montefiuk), cites a recollection of the second man:the type that we stopped talking and seeing each other . Sounds serious. And that's what it was.

Stalin in 1912, shortly before his appearance in Kuriejka (photo from a commemorative book published in 1940, public domain). The sailor's T-shirt was mentioned by Lidia after the war (on the right - a photo of Lidia from the period after 1945, source:public domain).

Baby with baby

Stalin - a widower and veteran of several romances for over 6 years - moved to the Pieriepryginów - five brothers and two sisters. The youngest of the siblings, Lydia, was 13 or 14 at the time, and he was 35. They soon started sleeping together. Nothing can hide in such a small community. The policeman who supervised Stalin reacted - seducing the minor, as it is today, was a crime at the time. It ended with a fight with a uniform, won by a lusty Georgian.

Both for having sex with a girl and for attacking an officer, Stalin did not answer. Oleg Khlevniuk speculates that he made an agreement with the chief of the local police, also from Georgia:peace of mind in exchange for refusing to flee Siberia.

The Bolshevik "regulated" his open relationship with Lydia by promising marriage as soon as the bride grows up a bit. It is possible that he had no choice, because apparently the girl was pregnant. As Simon Sebag Montefiore found out, a child of fourteen gave birth to a child in late 1914, who died shortly thereafter. It was not the last descendant of this union.

In 1916, Lidia became pregnant again. Two months before its dissolution, the February Revolution broke out. It was for her that Koba left Lidia with a big belly and ... a photo as a souvenir. Their son Alexander was never seen.

The son of Stalin and Lydia, Alexander Davidov (surname after his stepfather; source:public domain).

Teens and the revolution

The orphan from the Yenisei was not Soso's only youngster. Even before his deportation to Kuriejka, during his stay in Vologda, he picked up a student named Piełagia Onufrijewa. Historian Oleg Khlevniuk found her photo in the dictator's private mementos. "A serious, pretty girl with a round face and glasses," we read on the pages of Stalin's new biography.

He wrote joking letters for her, professed passionate love, but rather, nothing happened. Pola had a boyfriend, Koba - a barely lenient sentence on the back of her neck. He had to avoid fights.

During his trips to St. Petersburg, the revolutionist also met the family of Sergei Alliluyev - an electric railwayman and a tough comrade-socialist who often turned his head for the cause of communism. There were four children in Sergei's house.

The youngest, Nadezhda, was 10 years old. Was it already then that Józef caught the eye? This cannot be ruled out taking into account the other romances Georgian. In any case, their acquaintance gained momentum in 1917. Immediately after the February Revolution that started the disintegration of the tsarist state.

Dzhugashvili used his contacts with the Alliluyevs to provide shelter to the Bolshevik leader Lenin, who was wanted by the police. Sam also stayed in their house for a while. Nadia was 16 at the time. And Georgian - fiery "honey-colored eyes". He made her fall in love with him.

The accidents in the following months ran at a crazy pace. Did Stalin have a sexual head in the roar of the Aurora shots? Probably yes! There were legends about his temperament. How did Nadia, when learned to learn independence, understand the socialist freedom of a woman? Did she make Soso wait or did she take it herself? We do not know. It is interesting, however, that they got married immediately after the girl reached the age of majority. It was 1919.

When the love flared up, Stalin was 40, and Nadia was 16. In the photos:Stalin at 37, Nadia - 17. Woman or child? (source:public domain)

On their "honeymoon" they went to Tsaritsyn, where Stalin was just starting the machine of terror. He raped his young wife on the train they traveled with their in-laws.

Elderly amateur

A satisfying - at least for Stalin - marriage and his two main mistresses, Władza and Kostucha, could have made him forget about the lolitas. Historians have so far been able to say virtually nothing about his love affairs during this period. Nadia herself came to their aid, and she had no doubts that Stalin was cheating on her. We know this thanks to Oleg Khlevniuk, who read the private correspondence of the leader of the nations.

Wife reproached the dictator of "quail hunting" and "interesting young women" . Her husband's betrayals hurt her, as did his bestiality, ruthlessness, and mood swings. And probably the very awareness that the man to whom she gave her whole self is responsible for the suffering and death of millions. And that the list of his victims only grows longer each day. Nadia shot herself exactly on the 15th anniversary of the October Revolution, November 8, 1932. Soon after Stalin deliberately starved Ukraine.

The old man was animated by teenage girls (photo from Oleg Khlevniuk's book, "Stalin. New Biography").

The chief reportedly found fleeting consolation in Nadia's sister-in-law, Zhenya Alliluyeva, but the mature woman apparently did not live up to his expectations. When in 1934 Nikolai Bulganin, a member of the Politburo and party ideologist married a 15-year-old girl , Stalin half-jokingly admitted his true preferences: Nikolai, I congratulate you. This time you outsmarted me too. […] A good wife, a beautiful wife… Younger than my Nadia!

He was already an old gentleman. In 1938 he was turning 60. He probably had fewer needs than the former Koba, and the busy history train driver's calendar made no room for flirting. And yet still then he invited a young Komsomolka to his dacha, as well as a "beautiful Georgian pilot" she had met at the air show in Tuszyn ...


Of course, there were quite a few women in Stalin's life, not just teenagers. The last of them - Istomina's fight with a puffy nose looked much less than her 20 years. There are many indications that he was only really attracted to adolescent girls. He does not trust women as strong and intelligent as his mother. [...] Knowing the steadfastness of this kind of women, throughout his life he preferred young people, susceptible to the influence of teenage girls - Diane Ducret, author of the best-selling "Women Dictators" judged.

Does his predilection for adolescents matter for our understanding of Stalin - a man? Or maybe there is no point in looking for an explanation for another sick quirk of the most dangerous maniac to be borne by the earth?