Historical story

September campaign day by day. How did our soldiers fight?

In September 1939, Poland was against overwhelming enemy forces. Her allies failed, so she stood alone to fight to the death. The fierce resistance put up by our soldiers buried the Nazis' hopes for an easy, quick victory. But did we have any chance of winning?

September '39 and its heroes in the epic work of Apoloniusz Zawilski

On September 1, 1939, a new chapter in the history of mankind began:the Third Reich invaded Poland and led to the outbreak of World War II. The authorities of the Republic of Poland did not succumb to Hitler's threats and did not decide to make any compromises that would in fact be capitulation.

“This is how Apoloniusz Zawilski writes - a long and unpunished period of Hitler's peaceful victories […]. The period of political blackmail was ending, the war was beginning […]. Under the sunny, bright sky of the beautiful Polish autumn of 1939, all hell broke loose in an instant. ”

An interesting fact is a fragment of Apoloniusz Zawilski's book "Battles of Polish September" (Horizon 2018 sign).

Battles of Polish September is a picture of the fights during the September campaign. This volume can be treated not only as a source of detailed knowledge about the first chapter of World War II, but also as a reporter's story about the fate of soldiers and commanders of Polish troops.

The colorful language, skillful building of tension and numerous fictionalized fragments and quotes from authentic accounts are the reasons why Zawilski wrote about an engaging epic about the Polish September. This book is also a tribute, which the author pays - as he writes in the dedication - to the "Soldiers of September".