Historical story

The 7th historical walk in the center of Athens:Resistance and dosage

For the seventh consecutive year, the fifth in the context of the events "October 12, 1944. Athens Free", the historian Menelaos Charalambidis is conducting a historical walk in the center of Athens, entitled "Resistance and Dossiology in Occupied Athens".

These events, to celebrate the liberation of Athens from the German invaders, are co-organized by the Foundation of the Hellenic Parliament for Parliamentaryism and Democracy, the Region of Attica, the Municipality of Athens, ERT and the General Archives of the State.

Drawing data from his doctoral thesis, published in 2012 entitled "The Experience of Occupation and Resistance in Athens", as well as from his 15-year research, Menelaos Charalambidis takes us to places in the center of Athens where important resistance actions took place , but also in the buildings where German security services and Greek pro-Nazi organizations were based.

Date:Sunday October 6


Meeting place:Propylaia of the University of Athens (Metro University station)


Stop 1. Asklepiou and Solonos. March 25, 1942, the first major resistance demonstration during the illegal celebration of the national anniversary

Stop 2. Sina 8 The headquarters of the anti-Semitic organization National Union of Greece also known as Tria Epsilon

Stop 3. Panepistimiou and Homer 22 July 1943, the largest occupation demonstration in Greece

Station 4. Paparigopoulou 7 The seat and activity of the "Hellenic SS"

Stop 5. Santaroza 3 The SS Security Service and their Greek agents

Stop 6. Paneseptimo 64 The casinos of the Occupation

Station 7. Patision and Gladstonos The seat and activity of the National Socialist Patriotic Organization and its blowing up by the PEAN resistance