Historical story

Lunch break at the top of a skyscraper

Rockefeller Center needed only a few months to complete, the 70 floors had "raised", and the imposing new skyscraper was already casting its shadow heavily over Manhattan. And yet, for the well-known millionaire family, this was not enough. They needed something to speak to the heart of the average American - with whom they obviously had no connection.

Three years after the Great Depression and with 15 million Americans still huddled outside the employment offices, the Rockefeller family wanted to show that the city was still alive, or rather that they were keeping it alive with their big construction projects. , including.

On September 29, 1932, he would ask the Irish - mainly - immigrants who were building the skyscraper to stand on a beam, 256 meters from the ground and be photographed allegedly during their break. The non-existent security measures that today might arouse reactions, for that time only showed the tough character of the average worker., the man who would put the USA back on its feet.

The photo was published on October 2 of that year in the New York Herald Tribune Sunday newspaper, and it ended up being much more than a publicity stunt. It became the symbol of a generation.

Today, the headquarters of the NBC television network are housed in the same building.

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