Historical story

The Egyptian Museum must remain in Turin!

A room of the Egyptian Museum of Turin

The Egyptian Museum of Turin it is the second for historical and documentary importance in the world, immediately after the one in Cairo.

The origin of the collection dates back to the mid-eighteenth century and today it is nothing more than the result of private collections and archaeological finds which have been stratified and joined together over the last few centuries to create a collection of finds of exceptional value.

The Egyptian Museum represents for the Piedmontese capital, as is evident, a pole of interest and tourist attraction of enormous importance (almost 900,000 visitors in 2016 alone) and it is for this reason that the inexplicable (and infamous) decision of the Ministry for cultural heritage and tourism to move part of the collection itself elsewhere, has rightly raised the indignation and understandable opposition of many Turin residents, specially formed in the Egyptian Museum Inalienable Heritage Committee , in defense of keeping the museum in its original and natural location.

The intention is to move to Catania according to the formula of the thirty-year loan, but in fact definitive, a part of the finds currently preserved in Turin, with the laughable excuse that in the Savoy city and throughout the Piedmontese territory, there would be no suitable exhibition spaces to host the finds (despite the large number of existing and unused public buildings!).

Nor need to dwell further on the absurdity of this initiative, which would end up arbitrarily depriving a city of a fundamental part of its cultural heritage, to move it to another in which it would be completely decontextualized and therefore meaningless.

I find any proposal aimed at depriving a place of a substantial part of its historical and artistic identity hateful and unacceptable and for this reason I gladly accept the appeal of the Egyptian Museum Inalienable Heritage Committee , whose intentions I fully embrace, to spread their just and unexceptionable claims as much as possible.

The Egyptian Museum belongs to Turin and must remain in Turin.

If you like learn more I point out the following links: museoegizio.it, musement.com/it, it.wikipedia.org and Giornalepiemontese.it.

To contact the Committee :Egizioinalienabile.blogspot.it and [email protected].