Historical story

Songs of Soldiers to Caesar for his Homosexuality

Julius Caesar

The bisexuality of Caio Giulio Cesare it is a historically established fact:in the course of his life the great Roman politician and general intertwined sentimental ties with both women and men.

Much chat and subject of continuous teasing not always pleasing to the person concerned, was the (alleged) relationship of him with Nicomede , king of Bithynia (https://www.pilloledistoria.it/2875/storia-antica/presunta-bisessualita-giulio-cesare-storia-nicomede) : his opponents wrote and distributed some pamphlets in which they referred to him as "queen of Bithynia" , in a clearly sarcastic tone.

The soldiers of Caesar , who were always linked to their commander by a deep and sincere affection and that for this reason they could afford to take some liberties from time to time, sometimes, when possible, they enjoyed teasing him alluding to the ambiguous sexual preferences of the boss.

In reference to the bond between him and Nicomedes, they invented an ironic song that became famous:

“Caesar subdued the Gauls, Nicomedes subdued Caesar; Caesar, who has subdued the Gauls, triumphs; Nicomedes, who has subdued Caesar, does not triumph ” .