Historical story

The Husbands of Nero

Nero. In addition to three wives, the Emperor also had 2 husbands

Nero he did not love and only married women ( see https://www.pilloledistoria.it/7169/storia-antica/statilia-messalina-la-moglie- Meno-conosciuta-di-nerone).

The emperor was capable of impetuous and, at times, even unscrupulous outbursts of love, even in a culture of free customs like the Roman one.

In particular, the bizarre monarch lost his mind to two men.

The first was the emasculated young man Sporo, whose delicate and feminine features reminded him of his wife Poppea, recently passed away by his own hand ( see https://www.pilloledistoria.it/4026/storia-antica/poppea-sabina-bellissima-terabile-moglie-nerone).

Nero became convinced that the boy was the reincarnation of his deceased wife and married him during the trip to Greece.

It was probably a mutual and sincere feeling, since Sporo remained close to the beloved even in the most difficult moments, the same ones in which all the others abandoned him, until his tragic death.

During his life Nero also fell in love with Pythagoras, a freedman that the sources describe as beautiful.

This too was a serious story that resulted in marriage, only this time the Emperor preferred to play the role of wife.

The wedding was celebrated with great pomp and a sumptuous banquet in Campo Marzio during the Saturnalia of 64 d. C..