Historical story

Bologna:The Medieval Jewish Cemetery has been found

Part of the Jewish cemetery found in Bologna

An archaeological discovery important and certainly unexpected has recently concerned Bologna, where the Jewish city cemetery was unearthed , which with its 408 burials it is, so far, the largest in Italy.

After having been for about 200 years the place dedicated to the inflation of the Bolognese Jews, the cemetery was completely destroyed, so that all traces of it were lost, in the distant 1569 , following the provisions of the papal bulls issued around the middle of that century.

The bodies of men, women and children found inside, almost all accompanied by precious ornaments in silver, bronze and amber, through the research and analysis that will soon be carried out by the experts, it is hoped that they will be able to provide useful information to better understand the physical characteristics and daily habits of the members of this ancient community.

If you want to know more I point out the following links :Http://www.archeobologna.beniculturali.it/comunicati_stampa/bo_cim_ebr_2017.htm and http://bologna.repubblica.it/cronaca/2017/11/07/news/cimitero_ebraico-180483760/.