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The (Exaggerated?) Height of Mary Stuart:an Anecdote

Maria Stuarda. It seems that the height of the queen touched six feet

Maria Stuarda, unfortunate queen of France and Scotland (https://www.pilloledistoria.it/3839/storia-moderna/piatura-storia-maria-stuarda-patibolo), as well as intelligent, cultured and passionate, she was also a very beautiful woman, admired and courted, as can be seen, in fact, from the portraits and even from the funerary cast of her face.

According to some sources, an exceptional stature was added to her angelic face and slim and extremely feminine figure. (probably even excessive, especially for what were the canons of the time), but which certainly did not go unnoticed: 1.80 centimeters even, or a little less.

Maria and her cousin Elizabeth I , sovereign of England, they never met in person, but the benevolent descriptions of the ambassadors regarding the first were more than sufficient to give rise in the second, rather ugly and ungainly, an unbearable and not so veiled feeling of envy, which played a role that is anything but marginal, and this certainly does not do honor to the great Elizabeth, in the decision to decree the death sentence of her rival.

Curious to learn about the appearance of the joint, Elizabeth once asked Lord Melville, Scottish ambassador to the court of England: "Is your sovereign as tall as me?" and he replied that no, she was more so, to which the angry woman replied: "She's too tall, I'm the right height!" .

In short, since the world began, regardless of rank and social role, female vanity has always existed.