Historical story

Washing machine:when was it born?

A washing machine from the 1800s

In the image above you can see a nineteenth-century prototype of the current washing machines, basically a machine in wood that washed the laundry using a crank.

The operating system of this rudimentary machine destined to revolutionize the daily life of families was very simple, but it had the merit of helping women considerably with regard to the almost daily task of laundry.

It worked like this:a kind of wooden basket was placed in a larger box, also made of wood, filled with soapy water and everything was operated by a crank that made the smaller box rotate in the water.

A further modification followed shortly thereafter, the roller wringer .

Washing machines were manual until the advent of electricity.

Learn more I recommend this link:http://www.ilpost.it/2012/06/24/breve-storia-della-lavatrice/early-washing-machine/. .