Historical story

Marilyn Monroe's “Iced Out” Lingerie

Marilyn Monroe. The actress used to keep the lingerie she wore in the freezer

As a consummate diva and woman also famous for her beauty, Marilyn Monroe she knew very well how to preserve what Mother Nature had generously bestowed on her:an amazingly feminine physique.

The breast was perhaps her greatest strength and the actress did everything to keep him in great shape, even using simple tricks and strategies but, without a doubt, given the results, effective.

It is known that the star Hollywood, among the various extravagances of her ( see :Https://www.pilloledistoria.it/4729/cinema-tv-spettacolo/marilyn-monroe-bagno-nello-champagne) also used to keep lingerie in freezer before wearing it, an aspect of her private life heralded to the rooftops to feed the myth of femme fatale sexy and disturbing of course, but also a far from trivial expedient to preserve the beauty of the décolleté.

It appears that Marilyn Monroe was holding her bra (actually panties too) in freezer for at least half an hour before wearing it; the frozen garment had an immediate tonic and tensor effect on the skin, which greatly contributed to firming and supporting her bursting breasts.

A secret, and not so much, within everyone's reach, at a time when cosmetic surgery was still far from spreading as it would have happened a few decades later.