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Snipers:Why Are Sharpshooters Called That?

Snipers during the First World War. The current term "snipers" derives from the Great War and from Emperor Franz Joseph of Habsburg

You know why the snipers, or the sharpshooters , are they really called that?

There are terms that we commonly use, ignoring them, almost always ignoring their origin, which sometimes leaves us surprised.

Personally, only today, by researching, I discovered the rather recent origin of this word.

It dates back to the First World War and refers to Franz Joseph of Habsburg , husband of the beloved Sissi.

The Austro-Hungarian emperor, as is known, was nicknamed "Cecco Beppe "And from this affectionate and popular nickname derives the word " snipers ", that we all know and use.

In fact, with this name, at the time, the Austrian soldiers with the best aim in shooting were indicated ( see also: https://www.pilloledistoria.it/9970/libri/leggere-regalare-regalarsi-natale-la-tregua-natale-ypres).

Apparently appropriate choice given that even now we use exactly the same term and with the same meaning ( Photo from :laliberta.info).