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Becoming a Successful Business Man? Three Characters to Draw Inspiration from

Steve Jobs:a man to follow to become a successful business man

How to become a successful business man ?

Being a renowned entrepreneur is the dream of many people, who have always wanted to make a career and build an empire on their own.

However, it is a real undertaking, certainly not an easy one, which requires commitment, dedication, hard work and even a bit of luck.

Be inspired, however, by some characters who have made it and who today are among the most successful business men can certainly be useful.

Here are three examples of entrepreneurs who have managed to get very high and who today represent an example to follow and to be inspired by in order to achieve success.

# 1 Ingvar Kamprad

A successful entrepreneur who is certainly worth drawing inspiration from is Ingvar Kamprad , aka the founder of IKEA.

According to Forbes, he was one of the richest men in the world and his luck naturally depended on the furniture brand that we all know very well.

Why take Ingvar Kamprad as an example though?

Because he is the classic bottom-up entrepreneur, who managed to make a fortune by believing in his dream and never losing hope.

Born in Sweden to a humble family, he opened his own business at the age of 17:a furniture shop .

It took several years, but soon that little shop grew more and more until the IKEA, brand was born. today leader in the large-scale distribution of furniture and furnishing accessories.

Ingvar Kamprad teaches that courage is needed:opening a VAT number, following a few simple steps, is the first step to take in Italy to become successful entrepreneurs and, by the way, nowadays it is not even as risky as it used to be.

Thanks to the flat rate scheme and tax consultancy services such as Fiscozen that allow you to save considerably on VAT management, starting a business is also possible with a budget limited.

# 2 Steve Jobs

Symbol of Apple, founded by Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs he has unfortunately passed away for some years, yet his empire continues to stand.

This shows that he was able to create a more than solid business, not tied exclusively to his person, and to surround himself with trusted collaborators.

Famous for founding Apple, Steve Jobs is also often remembered for his motto which today represents a mantra for many:“ Stay hungry, stay foolish ".

Literally translated it means " Be hungry, be crazy" .

With this phrase that has now become the symbol of Steve Jobs's personality, the entrepreneur wanted to launch a very specific message; with it he invited young people to never lose their curiosity and to keep that pinch of healthy madness that leads them to believe they are changing the world.

Why be inspired by the founder of Apple to become a successful business man?

Simple:because Steve Jobs teaches us that determination that's all and there is nothing impossible.

# 3 Elon Musk:becoming a successful business man after being bullied

One last entrepreneur to be inspired by is also Elon Musk , who from a young age showed above average intellectual skills.

What matters, however, is that the richest man in the world was the victim of bullying as a young man and therefore represents an example for all the children targeted by their classmates:it is always possible to redeem oneself ( see also :https://www.pilloledistoria.it/13542/storia-contemporanea/ferrari-dai-cieli-ai-circuiti-perche-il-simbolo-del-cavallino-rampante) ( Photo from :forbes.it and isimbolinellacomunicazione.wordpress.com).