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Ferrari:from the skies to the circuits. Why the symbol of the Prancing Horse?

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What connection can there be between the first flight of the Wright brothers' glider and Ferrari?

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The Prancing Horse, symbol of Ferrari

We are in the States United, in what would become the early years of a roaring century of inventions , social and economic revolutions and many other changes destined to change the face of humanity forever.

Despite the extra-European context, we are therefore in the years of the so-called Belle Époque, shortly before a world conflict of hitherto unknown proportions .

The Wright brothers and the prototype of modern airplanes

The Wright Brothers' first public flight

The two young in question, still unaware of what would happen, were the brothers Wright ( Wilbur the major and Orville the minor), who at the time repaired bicycles in a small shop.

But why did man have to "be content" with traveling on wheels when there was a whole sky at his disposal?

After a series of experiments with bulky gliders, in 1903 the two brothers managed to make a short flight to a curious device make a short flight simply called “Flyer” (Today this is how certain types of promotional flyers are defined, but we keep in mind that all this happened more than a century ago).

The flight was a few meters long and lasted a few seconds , but he was the first to have a vehicle that was able to fly thanks to a primordial engine.

A revolutionary discovery, which confirmed how man can fly to the clouds and even higher, practically up to the stars like you can learn more here.

Unfortunately, it would not be long before their invention was used for much less peaceful purposes.

The First World War

At the end of July of 1914 , in fact, the First World War breaks out in Europe .

A hell of mud and blood that would have brought with it millions of men, including civilians.

Machines were also used for military purposes.

If the tank during the battle of the Somme then made its way between the fences and the trenches , above all this flew the first fighter planes .

Of course, they were initially used to take aerial photos of enemy troops, trench arrangements and explore the surrounding territory, but then they were equipped with bombs and machine guns.

It should also be remembered how the German army invented the so-called " synchronizer "To allow the aircraft to fire between the blades without operating wires or anything, but simply by pressing a trigger.

A whole new era for flying was thus opened thanks to the appearance of the famous “ aces ".

Ferrari and the Prancing Horse

Enzo Ferrari as a young man

In addition to the famous Barone Red , under Manfred Von Richtofen , Italy had Francesco Baracca which could boast 34 enemy aircraft shot down during its entire service.

Died at the age of 30, a few months after the end of the conflict, the young rider was famous for a prancing horse on a white background that she proudly carried on the plane of him.

It was the family crest, which would return to whiz back, even if not in the sky, on the racing circuits.

In 1923 a young Enzo Ferrari in fact he obtains permission from Baracca's mother to use the symbol of his son on his racing car.

Changed to yellow to honor Modena , the Prancing Horse appeared on a Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 , still driving enthusiasts and anyone who bets on crazy today online casino and more (Photo gives:it.blastingnews.com, italian.tech, montblanc.com).

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