Archaeological discoveries

Medieval archaeological records made by a child

In Novgorod, Russia, in the 13th century, children also liked to express themselves. This was the case with little Onfim who was around 6 or 7 years old when he decided to scribble everywhere using a sharp-tipped object, unintentionally creating a beautiful archaeological record of medieval life in Novgorod from a child's perspective.

The boy was recording on boards various things that were of interest to him through drawings and texts. Lessons learned from his educational experience were also recorded for posterity and for the curiosity of nosy archaeologists in the future, such as his study of the alphabet and a biblical psalm.

Onfim had dreams. He would like to be a knight and he expressed this in one of his drawings, in which Onfim himself was portrayed as a knight. Scenes of wars and deaths were not strange to the boy, as they were also portrayed.