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NOTEBOOK. Live research by image

Last updated:2022-07-25

Today, the Egyptian Painting Research Team invites you to visually participate in daily activities, from leaving in the morning to analyze the paintings to interpreting the data when the sun goes down. 7th part of the Notebook of Egypt

In the early morning, hot air balloons over the archaeological site

In the early morning, hot air balloons over the archaeological site©MAFTO-LAMS/CNRS

Transport of scientific equipment in the desert of the Theban Necropolis (Luxor, Egypt) ©MAFTO-LAMS/CNRS

Opening of the tomb of Nakhtamon, who was responsible for provisioning the altars at the Ramesseum, the Castle of Millions of Years of Ramesses II. ©MAFTO-LAMS/CNRS

Catherine Defeyt, a researcher at the University of Liège, uses a miniature microscope to observe under ultraviolet rays the grains of "Egyptian blue" pigment and the remains of binders. ©MAFTO-LAMS/CNRS

Comparison with the paintings of other tombs in the Valley of the Nobles:Maguy Jaber, professor at Sorbonne University, carries out the visual examination of pictorial practices in the tomb of Menna. ©MAFTO-LAMS/CNRS

Philippe Martinez, Egyptologist at the CNRS, performs the hyperspectral measurement of the scene representing the deceased Nakhtamon praying in front of the three guardians of the gates of the Beyond. ©MAFTO-LAMS/CNRS

Philippe Walter, researcher at the CNRS, carefully positions an X-ray fluorescence spectrometer to identify the composition of the paint. ©MAFTO-LAMS/CNRS

End of the session of analyzes and scientific examinations. ©MAFTO-LAMS/CNRS

Immediate boarding of the group for the base:Maguy Jaber and Helen Glanville, specialist in artistic practices at the CNRS are the first. ©MAFTO-LAMS/CNRS

The day is not over yet:classification and processing of the day's data. ©MAFTO-LAMS/CNRS

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