Archaeological discoveries

Discovered the most ancient human footprints in Europe

Footprints of prehistoric men near Norfolk (photo:effedieffe)

A sensational archaeological discovery recently concerned the small town of Happisburgh, near Norfolk, England, where 49 footprints were found , 12 of which complete, printed over a period of time from 850 to 950 thousand years ago.

The group to which we owe the important "legacy" was made up of adult men and women and some boys (almost certainly belonging to the Homo Antecessor species), probably all looking for crabs, molluscs and algae to eat.

The footprints, fixed on a sedimentary rock, were revealed thanks to the millenary erosion of the beach due to sea water.

To date, this represents the oldest evidence of human presence in Northern Europe and one of the oldest ever concerning the entire continent. (Photo from:Effedieffe)