Historical Figures

Nefertari, deified queen

Last updated:2022-07-25

Nefertari Meryenmout is the main Great Royal Wife of Pharaoh Ramses II; she lived around the 13 th century BC. Her significant influence on Ramses II made her a great figure of her time.

Nefertari Meryenmut ("Fairest of All, Beloved of Mut") probably came from a powerful family of Akhmim. At fourteen, she would have married Ramses II, then aged sixteen. She is one of the eight known wives of the sovereign, and his great favourite. There are many proofs of his attachment.

Nefertari has a lot of influence on Ramses who heeds his remarks and advice. She assists him in all royal and religious functions as "Bride of God".

Ramesses II, who deified himself, also deified Nefertari. On his death, he wrote in a poem:"My love is unique, and no one can rival it. As she died, she stole my heart. »