Historical Figures

8. Vallabhbhai became an independent lawyer after passing the examination of Mukhtari

After passing his matriculation, Vallabhbhai started working as an assistant to a lawyer from Nadiad. During this, whenever Vallabhbhai went to the court, he would try to understand the details of the case and study himself after taking books from that lawyer. After three years of hard work and self-study, Vallabhbhai passed the examination of Mukhtari in AD 1900.

After this many lawyers offered him to work with them but Vallabhbhai left Nadiad and moved to Godhra where his elder brother Vithalbhai Patel also used to advocate. Vallabhbhai tried to set up his own independent practice. They were brilliant

And used to work very hard, but even after doing a lot of hard work, Vallabhbhai's income was very less, due to which it was not possible to bear the expenses of the household. This was also the condition of Bird Bhai Vithalbhai. So Vithalbhai decided to leave Godhra and go to Borsad and asked Vallabhbhai to go to Borsad too.

On this Vallabhbhai decided to stay in Godhra. He did not like to leave a city after failing. Thus Vithalbhai went to Borsad and Vallabhbhai remained in Godhra.