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Jodha got Mandore kingdom

Hansabai's Heartfulness

Fifteen years have passed since Kumbha's right over Marwar, but Jodha was not getting success. Seeing such plight of her nephew Jodha, Maharana Kumbha's grandmother Hansabai called Kumbha to her one day and said- 'The Rathores have suffered all kinds of losses in going to my Chittor wedding. Ranmal killed the uncle and Mera who killed Mokal, defeated the Muslims and raised the name of Mewar, but in the end he too was killed and today his son Jodha is helpless and wanders in the desert land.' Maharana said- 'I obviously cannot help Jodha against Chunda because Ranmal had his brother Raghavdev killed. You write to Jodha that she should take possession of the Mandore, I will not be upset about this.' Thereafter, Hansabai sent Ashiya Charan Dula to Jodha to convey this message. Dula Charan, searching for Jodha, reached the villages of Bhadang and Padave in the Thalis of Marwar, where Jodha, along with some of his companions, was pacifying the hunger with millets. Charan recognized him and narrated the message of Hansabai.

Dr. Dashrath Sharma has written that such requests are of no importance in purely political matters. The constant battles fought between the armies of Jodha and Kumbha automatically refute this belief. It is also to be noted that after Jodha had captured Mandore, Kumbha himself had set out against Jodha along with the army.

Mail from the chieftains of Kumbha

Jodha was encouraged to get the message of her aunt Hansabai. He started efforts to get the kingdom afresh and by taking the help of diplomacy, he started increasing the number of his friends rapidly. Jodha also contacted the chieftains appointed in Marwar on behalf of Chunda and succeeded in making some of them his friends. When Chunda took over the Marwar kingdom, many Bhati chieftains accepted the suzerainty of Mewar due to their enmity with the Rathores. Ranmal had also killed the Bhatis, but now 15 years had passed since the Sisodis had control over Mandore, due to this the enmity of the Bhatis and the Rathores had also reduced. In addition, Jodha's mother was a princess of the Bhatis. That's why many Bhati Sardars also agreed to help Jodha.

Chunda Sisodia's death

Meanwhile, in 1453 AD, due to the luck of Jodha, Tau Chunda Sisodia of Maharana Kumbha died. Now Kumbha no longer feared that if Jodha was given a Mandor, Chunda would get angry. The death of Chunda boosted Jodha's spirits even more.

Blessings of Harbhu Sankhla

Harbhuji, son of Maharaj Sankhla of Bhundel, was the cousin of Baba Ramdev. Harbhu took initiation from Guru Bali Nath by giving up arms and weapons on the inspiration of Ramdev. He was considered perfect and had a great influence on the people of the desert. Jodha decided to seek Harbhu's cooperation and went to seek Harbhu's blessings. Harbhu gave Jodha a dagger and, blessing him to be victorious, predicted that Jodha's kingdom would extend from Mewar to Jangalu. In this way Harbhu Sankhla also became Jodha's assistant. With the help of Harbhuji, Jodha's condition kept improving. Jodha bought some new horses and organized a new army with the support of Chauhan and Bhati Sardars and started preparing to challenge Kumbha.

Jodha receives horses

Jodha did not have enough horses to campaign on Mandore. So he went to Rawat Lunkaran of Setarawa and requested him that I have Rajputs but the horses are dead. You have 500 horses, give 200 of them to me. Lunkaran seemed to be Jodha's wart but he was appointed by Maharana, so he replied to Jodha that I am Rana's dependent. If I give you horses, Rana will take away my jagir. On this Jodha went to the Thakurani of Luna. Thakurani of Luna was the princess of the Bhatis and was the real aunt of Jodha. Seeing Jodha sad, he asked the reason for his sadness. Jodha said that I had asked for horses from Rawatji, but he refused to give them. On this Bhatiyani said that don't worry, I will get you horses. Bhatiyani called her husband to the palace and gave him some ornaments and told him to keep these ornaments in Toshakhana. When Rawat went to Toshakhana to keep the jewellery, Bhatiyani locked the door from outside and sent a maid with Jodha to the stables and told them that Rawat's order was to give Jodha the horse along with the goods. Thus Jodha left with 140 horses from there. After some time Bhatiyani took her husband out by opening the lock. Rawat was very displeased with his Thakurani and the workmen and he got the shepherds of the horses beaten up but the horses that had gone with Jodha could not be recovered in any way.

Cooperation of other Rajputs

After receiving the blessings of Harbhu Sankhla and horses from Lunkaran, Jodha contacted the Rathores of different branches and the friends of Rajputs from other clans. Rathores of Malani, Jaitlot Rathod of Siwana, Pokarna Rathod of Pokran, Devrajot Rathod of Setarwa agreed to support Jodha. Similarly, the Sankhla Rajputs of Rune, Inda of Indawati, Gogade Chauhan of Sekhala (Shergarh tehsil), Dhichi Chauhan of Gagraun, Bhati of Bikampur, Bhati of Poogal and Bhati of Jaisalmer also came forward to help Jodha.

Right to Quartet and Kosana

In 1453 AD, Maharana Kumbha was busy fighting with the Sultans of Malwa and Gujarat. This was the opportune time to take possession of Mandore. Jodha divided his army into three parts. He sent an army with Varjang towards Mandore. The second army, headed by Champa, was sent to Kosana and the third army Jodha himself went towards the quartet. Attacks were made at Kosana and Quartet at midnight. Due to this, there was chaos in the troops posted in those villages and both the villages came under the control of the Rathores. The horses of the people of Mewar also fell in the hands of Jodha. According to legends, when the quartet was attacked, Thakur Raghavdev of Sojat was also in the quartet, but he fled towards Mewar after saving his life.

Jodha's possession of Mandore kingdom

After capturing Kosana and the quartet, both these armies marched in the night and met Varjang's army near Mandore. Before dawn, Mandore fort was attacked and after killing Mewari officials, Mandore fort was captured. In these attacks, the Mewari officers appointed by Maharana Vanveer Bhati, Rana Bisaldev, Rawal Duda etc. were killed. Rawat Chunda Sisodia's two sons Kuntal and Sua, cousins ​​Akka and Ahara Hingola were also killed in the battle of Mandore. Many soldiers of Jodha were also killed. It is believed that Harbhu Sankhla also came in handy while fighting on behalf of Jodha in this war. Thus in 1453 AD, Jodha got the right over Mandor. After this Jodha also took possession of Sojat. The Rathores settled their old account by killing most of the Sisodia soldiers posted in Mandore. The umbrella of Ahara Hingola remains in Mandore.

Was the gate of the temple opened by fraud?

It is written in some legends that Rao Ranmal's grandfather Veeramdev was married to the daughter of Sisodis of Mangaliya branch. When Ranmal lived in Chittor, Mangliya Kalyan Singh and Ranmal developed a close friendship. When Jodha attacked Mandore in 1453 AD, this Mangliya Kalyan Singh was the Kotwal of Mandore. Considering the old friendship, Kalyan Singh got the gate of Mandor fort opened. Due to this Jodha did not take much time to win the fort of Mandore.

Many inappropriate things have been written in the khyans without head and feet. It had been 70 years since Rao Veeramdev died and 15 years for Rao Ranmal. The relation of roti-daughter used to happen in Rajputs. Two daughters of the same house were married into mutually hostile royal families. Therefore, the marriage relationship of the Manglis with Veeramdev had no meaning anymore. It also does not seem to be true that Mangliya Kalyan Singh betrayed his living master and opened the gates of the fort for the son of his dead friend, of which he himself was the main guard. Could any fortress guard be able to trick his own soldiers stationed in the fort into the face of death in order to hand over the fort to the son of a dead friend? If there was any rift between Mangaliya Kalyan Singh and Maharana Kumbha, then it was possible to do so, but no information to this effect is available from the Khyyans. Therefore, there does not seem to be any basis for this speculation of fame.

Jodha's coronation

When Mandor came under the control of the Rathores, Jodha's elder brother Akhairaj cut off his thumb with his sword and crowned Jodha. Jodha announced at the same time that after snatching the bag from the people of Mewar, it would be given again to Akhairaj. This incident confirms two facts. The first fact is that Jodha had struggled to get the ancestral kingdom despite being the elder brother Akhairaj and had achieved success. So Jodha was made the king and not Akhairaj. The second fact is that Late Ranmal had given the Jagir of Bagdi to Akhairaj during his lifetime which was snatched by the people of Mewar.

Right over Kaprada and Rohat

After taking over Mandor, Jodha sent his brother Champa to take control of Kaprada and Varjang to Rohat. Champa easily captured Kaprada. After taking over Varjang Rohat, he also took Pali, Khairwa and Nadaul under his control and reached Narlai. It was the border of the Mewar state. Varajang also killed Manja, son of Rawat Chunda Sisodia. This broke the enthusiasm of the Sisodis and they started running away leaving the posts.

Right to Sojat

Sojat was situated on the border of Marwar and Mewar. So Jodha himself went to Sojat with an army and he captured Sojat by driving away his brother cousin Raghavdev from Sojat. On this occasion, he took possession of Bagdi and granted the Jagir of Bagdi to his elder brother Akhairaj. Within a few days, Jodha took over most of his ancestral kingdom. After this, the practice started in the Marwar state that on the death of the king of Jodhpur, the Jagir of Bagri was confiscated. When the new king sat on the platform, Bagdi would cut off his thumb by Thakur and tilak the new king with his own blood. After this the Jagir of Bagri was given back to Thakur.

Narbad's right over Mandore Fort

At the time when Jodha was planning to attack Mewar by the route of Siriari while staying in Sojat, Narbad, the cousin of Jodha and the son of Satta, took the army of the Sultan of Gujarat and climbed on Mandore and killed the fortification guards and appointed his soldiers in Mandore. Did it Jodha sent an army of Rathores to Mandore under the leadership of Kandhal and sent a message to the fortress guards that the army is coming to punish you, but before the army reaches Mandore, you should think that the shelter of a blind master like Narbad Will you be able to resist us for a long time or not? (Narbad was not blind, his father power was blind.) The fortification guards decided to hand over the Mandor fort to Jodha by anticipating the future. On this Narbad again ran to the Sultan of Gujarat but he died before reaching Gujarat. When Kandhal reached Mandore, he easily captured Mandore fort.

Operations of Mewar's army

At the time when Jodha took control of the Mandore kingdom, Maharana Kumbha was involved in a war with the Sultan of Malwa. Therefore, instead of coming to Marwar himself, Kumbha sent an army under the leadership of his generals against Jodha, but the army of Mewar was defeated and fled. After this, Kumbha sent the army several times, but the army of Mewar did not get success. On the contrary, Jodha started raiding the Godwar region of Mewar, due to which Mewar was suffering a lot.

Raghavdev's attack

Jodha's cousin Raghavdev ran away from Sojat but did not give up. After a few days, he again attacked Sojat with the army of Sisodis. Varajang confronted Raghavdev and defeated Raghavdev and drove him away. In this battle, Varjang was badly injured. On this, Chunda sent his other brother Bairsal after Raghavdev and ordered Varjang to go to Rohat and get treatment. Bairsal followed Raghavdev and set up his posts on the routes of Mewar. Bairsal destroyed Ghanerao and resettled the residents there in Gondoj.

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