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Jeremi Wiśniowiecki (1612-1651)

Last updated:2022-07-25

Jeremi Wiśniowiecki

Jeremi Wiśniowiecki (1612-1651)

An influential aristocrat, Ruthenian voivode and father of King Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki. Prince in Wiśniowiec, Lubnie and Chorol. He was one of the richest magnates in the Ukrainian lands.

Participant in the war with Russia and battles with the Tatars (including the famous battle of Ochmatów, 1644). From 1637 he suppressed subsequent Cossack uprisings. One of Bohdan Chmielnicki's main opponents. The actual commander of the defense of Zbaraż in 1649, he distinguished himself in the battle at Beresteczek in 1651. He died in a military camp, probably as a result of an epidemic spreading among soldiers.