Historical Figures

Jean Bastard of Orleans, Count of Dunois (1402 - 1468)

Jean, Bastard of Orléans, is the natural son of Louis, Duke of Orléans. A bastard child, he was raised in the company of the future Charles VII, for about ten years. Chamberlain of the dauphin and regent, he was appointed lieutenant-general of Duke Charles of Orléans during his captivity, being the only male representative of the family on French territory. He was charged with the defense of Orléans and welcomed Joan of Arc. He will then be in all the fights alongside the Maid whom he will accompany to Paris. Dunois ultimately remained absolutely loyal to Charles VII, then Louis XI. His brilliant conduct at the head of the armies made him covered with honors, the king giving him the title of "Restorer of the Fatherland". He received in 1439 the county of Dunois, whose name will immortalize him. In 1450, he won, with Richemont and Clermont, the victory of Formigny. Then he turned towards Guyenne. It all ended after the Battle of Castillon in 1453.