Historical Figures

Jean de Valois, Duke of Alençon (1409 - 1476)

Last updated:2022-07-25

Jean de Valois, Duke of Alençon is the son of Jean le Sage, killed at Agincourt. He descends directly from Charles de Valois, father of Philippe VI. In 1428, after the disgrace of the constable Richemeont, his rank as the king's closest relative made him lieutenant-general commanding the royal army. Jeanne called him "nice duke" or "beautiful duke". He prepared the expedition to save Orleans, commanded Patay. He dubs Charles VII on the morning of the coronation. The rest of his career is less honourable. He was condemned to death then pardoned twice for having intrigued with the English and then the Burgundians of Charles the Bold. He ended his life imprisoned in the Louvre.