Historical Figures

Robespierre Maximilien de(1758 - 1794)

Lawyer in 1781, Robespierre stood out for his advanced ideas, he was thus appointed deputy of Artois to the States General. He attended the Jacobins club and was one of the only opponents of the war in 1792. Conventional, he provoked, at the head of the Montagnards, the fall of the Girondins. Joined the Committee of Public Safety, of which he became the main inspiration, he established the Terror and got rid of Hébert's disciples and Danton's Indulgents in March and April 1794. A deist like Rousseau, he established the cult of the Supreme Being, he was nicknamed “The Incorruptible”. On July 27, 1794 (9 Thermidor Year II), he was overthrown by a coalition of Montagnards and moderates from the Plain, and guillotined. His brother Augustin is also conventional, he is a representative in the army of Italy.