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Napoleon and the Sphinx's Nose

Whenever we see pictures of the Sphinx in books, or see her on TV, there's something we can't miss:She has no nose! The Egyptians, expert builders would not have built it with this notorious defect. Soon, the nose fell off. But what would have caused this fall? Could it be, by chance, the action of the erosive process over the centuries? Or else a tremendous thunderbolt tearing the skies? None of that. The sad end of the poor nose was caused by Napoleon's artillery in his fight against the English in Egypt. They simply missed the mark!

Currently they want to take the blame for our friend off the coat, the blame could also have been Mameluke artillery in the attack against the French.

It doesn't matter who the great plastic surgeon was who "operated" the nose on the Sphinx, anyway it should have been much better before.


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