Historical story

Perfume and Religion in Ancient Egypt

He wears alabaster ointments. In Egypt, perfume had a sacred value

That the Egyptians, already thousands of years ago, made extensive use of perfumes, is testified by the archaeological finds of Luxor, only that their use had a partly different meaning from what they later assumed.

In fact, at the time, the perfume was not supposed to serve so much to improve the smell and therefore in some way the appearance of people, but rather to bring them closer to the gods , therefore to put men and divinity in closer communication between them.

According to tradition, this was achieved by elevating the soul through the use of ointments to which ingredients such as incense were added and myrrh, whose scents literally flooded the lands around the Nile.

Cleansing and perfume of the body were therefore closely connected to those of the spirit.