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Let's examine the flow up to the political change in the third year of the reign

Battle of Dannoura , famous for the destruction of the Taira clan Is the result of many conflicts between Genpei, such as the Battle of Fujigawa and the Battle of Kurikara Pass. These battles are collectively Genpei War Is called. Originally, Genpei War It started when Taira no Kiyomori and Taira who caused the coup d'etat were defeated is.

This time, Mr. Taira and others coup d'etat (= political change in the third year of the reign I would like to summarize the flow up to the occurrence of) in an easy-to-understand manner.

Go-Shirakawa-in enough to cause a coup d'etat And Taira no Kiyomori Differences in political policy toward Enryakuji Is the trigger.

Go-Shirakawa-in Is Enryakuji Taira no Kiyomori suffered financial damage through On the contrary, was benefiting financially. Therefore Go-Shirakawa-in Is strict with Enryakuji, Kiyomori Has a sweet policy.

So, Relationship between Enryakuji Temple and Go-Shirakawa-in / Taira no Kiyomori Let's look at first.

Relationship between Enryakuji Temple, Go-Shirakawa-in Temple, and Taira no Kiyomori

First, let's check the economic situation in the latter half of the Heian period. The monetary economy that had already begun in the 8th century It was, but Kiyomori In the era before the success of the company, the copper shortage caused a return to the goods economy . was.

However, due to the increase in agricultural production and the deterioration of public security, the goods economy is beginning to see its limits. Therefore, it was Kiyomori who paid attention to Song's bronze coins and circulated them as money. is. We decided to import a large amount of Song dynasty.

Go-Shirakawa-in after importing bronze coins And Kiyomori The relationship between is simply expressed as follows.

Kiyomori acted as an intermediary Wife's sister Shigeko ( Kenshunmonin ), But she hadn't surfaced since her death Go-Shirakawa-in And Kiyomori , The relationship with other aristocrats collapses at once.

As a result, the aristocrats even plan to overthrow the Taira clan. This is the so-called Shishigatani Incident that occurred in 1177. is.

Shishigatani Incident Was triggered by Sanmon Goso It was triggered by a gōso called. Go-Shirakawa-in Enryakuji to Mr. Taira I ordered the subjugation of.

* To wipe out the in-no-kinshin Or Kiyomori's self-made performance to avoid the subjugation of Enryakuji There is also a theory

The subjugation of Enryakuji was obscured by the Shishigatani conspiracy, but when the Buddhist punishment was feared, Mr. Taira Enryakuji Ordering a follow-up Go-Shirakawa-in Kiyomori against It is said to have exacerbated their feelings.

* For details, please refer to the two articles below.

The first prince is born between Emperor Takakura and Tokuko

Go-Shirakawa-in And Taira no Shigeko Emperor Takakura was born during Kiyomori got married Daughter Tokuko .. It was 1171. Around this time, Go-Shirakawa-in Princess Shigeko Is alive, Emperor Takakura It seems that he recommended Iriuchi in consideration of his reign.

Emperor Takakura who hasn't had a child for a while And Tokuko However, in November 1178, the long-sought prince was born, and he soon became a prince. The area around the crown prince is Heike In-no-kinshin Is excluded. This is Go-Shirakawa-in Will increase the vigilance of.

Go-Shirakawa-in was wary of Mr. Taira

1) Go-Shirakawa-in requisitions the regent's territory, which had been obscured by the embezzlement of the regent's territory.

Kiyomori Has several daughters. One of them is Go-Shirakawa-in And Shigeko Child between Emperor Takakura Tokuko married to (the next emperor of Emperor Rokujo), another one is regent Konoe Motozane Moriko married to is. However, Konoe Motozane Is Emperor Nijo After the demise of the crown, he passed away to follow him. Still young (or rather baby) Emperor Rokujo Regent It was a time to support it.

Konoe Motozane Son is still young regent I don't have the ability to serve. His younger brother is regent I decided to take over the trace as ...

Originally basic to my younger brother The heritage is supposed to go, "The original trace is basic son of. Kiyomori took the position that his younger brother (currently Regent) is only the middle reliever of his son. Tatsu. In 1166, a family member of the Sekiseki family who was close to the Heike clan basic Moriko Planned to inherit to, and actually Moriko Takes over the heritage all at once. That said, Moriko Was still a kid, so the actual management is Kiyomori Did. This case is embezzlement of the regents Is called.

Go-Shirakawa-in aiming to support Norihito Searching for cooperation with Mr. Taira Embezzlement of the regents About Go-Shirakawa-in Is through. Of course, the regents who support Emperor Nijo and Emperor Rokujo will decline, which hinders his son's coronation. There was also an aim.

It was 1179, 13 years later. Motozane Wife Moriko Died at a young age. Go-Shirakawa-in , which used to let Mr. Taira do what he liked because the situation was the situation. .. However, as the situation changed and the confrontation with Kiyomori deepened due to the difference in political stance, Chōja territory Only Motozane He gave it to his son and put all the rest of him under his own control.

2) Forfeit Taira no Shigemori's Chigyokoku

Kiyomori Hogen / Heiji Rebellion But it was active. The most Go-Shirakawa-in of the Taira clan It is said that he was close to.

Kiyomori Expected to be the successor, but Shishigatani Incident He has a daughter who was arrested in Japan as his wife, and Kiyomori reduced the punishment of his father-in-law. In the end, his father-in-law was murdered and his face was crushed.

Go-Shirakawa-in that has begun to become estranged It was a request to reduce punishment in the hope of improving the relationship with.

* It is said that Kiyomori had the intention of "neutralizing Shigemori" because he was standing close to Go-Shirakawa-in.

Shigemori triggered by this incident Is less likely to stand on his front stage, and in 1178 he tends to lie down due to illness. And at the end of July he finally died.

This heavy Go-Shirakawa-in in Echizen (currently around Fukui Prefecture) Is confiscated. Echizen is one of the largest countries on the Hokuriku Expressway, and should be heavy . Son's Koremori Was a country that was supposed to be inherited. Go-Shirakawa-in Shigemori who served for many years It can be said that it is a rather cold treatment against.

3) Preferential treatment for Motofusa's firstborn, with the exception of the late Konoe Motozane's firstborn.

Kiyomori Is a basic firstborn Motomichi He had his daughter married to him. Kampaku at that time Matsudono Motofusa Should have been in the form of a middle reliever. Basic ... The personnel who put the 8-year-old firstborn in the ranks are wonderfully Kiyomori . You will be stroking your nerves.

Occurrence of political change in the third year of the reign

Go-Shirakawa-in As a result of numerous provocations from Kiyomori Political change in the third year of the reign in November 1179 Causes a (coup). Shigemori Confiscation of Chigyokoku And regent personnel It was about a month after that.

Kiyomori Leads the army and takes control of personnel affairs. He succeeded in eliminating Mr. Taira's in-no-kinshin To do. Even in the personnel affairs of the regents, Motofusa et al. And appoint Kampaku to Kampaku To do. The essential Go-Shirakawa-in Is imprisoned to Tobaden I am letting you.

In-no-kinshin They were arrested and confiscated. Go-Shirakawa-in Third Prince Prince Mochihito Has also been confiscated, which is why Prince Mochihito's troops (I will write it in another article because it will lead to the Genpei War).

February 1180, three months after the coup d'etat. Emperor Takakura Transferred the throne of the emperor to his son. Emperor Antoku Was born, and Takakura cloister rule started under the strong influence of Mr. Taira. It was decided to do.

In addition, the number of Taira clan's acquaintances has nearly doubled, and the battle for national power in various parts of the country will become a rush.