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[Mystery of the Emperor] There were 6 emperors in the Kamakura period! ??

First of all, there are actually one emperor and five emeritus The exact place was.

Monarch ( Kunshu ) " Transfer ( " Good ) The emperor who transferred was " Emperor Daijo ( " Emperor of Japan ) " Emperor ( " Jokou ) Is called. Further entering the Buddhist gate, " Pope ( " Hoou ) It will be.

And this time's subject, the 94th generation Go Nijo ( Gonijo ) Emperor By that time it became the fact that there were five emeritus.

Originally, it was normal to enthronement to his first prince, but at this time the imperial line was divided into two families, and he was alternately enthroned to the emperor.

This may be the reason why the existence of five emperors was created.

From the standpoint of Emperor Go-Nijo, it must have been a feeling of oppression from a crowded train. Feeling.

Let's introduce it in a little more detail.

Jimyoin line and Daikakuji line?

The 88th Emperor Sagano!

Emperor Gosaga Is 22 years old In just four years, he became the emperor, but in just four years, his two-year-old child, Go-Fukakusa ( Gofukusa ) Emperor Transferred to.

After transferring the throne and becoming Emperor Saga, he changed to a young emperor " Chiten ( " Chiten ) Kimi ( you ) " Cloister rule ( " Insei ) let's start doing ....

Chiten no Kimi is the emeritus or emperor who has the real power of affairs and is the de facto monarch.

The 89th Emperor Go-Fukakusa suffered from illness at the age of 17, and his father, Emperor Go-Saga, was Emperor Kameyama , the younger brother of Emperor Go-Fukakusa. Encourage the transfer to.

The 90th Emperor Kameyama took the throne at the age of 11.

10 years later , Emperor Go-Fukakusa had already had a prince, but Emperor Go-Saga succeeded Emperor Kameyama to the throne. Kotai ) Nominated to Did.

From around this time, the pedigree of Emperor Go-Fukakusa "Jimyoin line" And Emperor Kameyama's pedigree "Daikakuji line" Conflict begins.

After that, Emperor Go-Saga died, but his will did not have a word to appoint his successor, only his will to obey the Kamakura Shogunate.

The shogunate chose Emperor Kameyama, who was beloved by his parents, as the prince of the heavens, and Emperor Kameyama was also his 8-year-old child, Go-Uda ( ). Gouda ) Emperor And start the cloister rule.

For Emperor Go-Fukakusa who was dissatisfied, the Shogunate nominated the son of Emperor Go-Fukakusa as the crown prince, and in the future the descendants of both will alternately succeed to the throne in about 10 years. " Both sides ( Ryoto Utetsu Ritsu ) Has decided.

Later Southern and Northern Courts?

"Jimyoin Line" … After 89s Fukakusa-92s Fushimi ( Fushimi ) -93 Go-Fushimi-95th Hanazono

"Daikakuji Line" … Kameyama in his 90s-Uta in his 91s-Nijo in his 94s-96 Go-Daigo ( Godaigo )

The 94th Emperor Go-Daigo, the 96th Emperor Go-Daigo , became the throne as the middle reliever until the first prince of Emperor Go-Nijo became an adult. Frustrated with this environment and decided to defeat it, and finally Kamakura Shogunate was destroyed I was allowed to.

Daikakuji line is "Emperor Go-Nijo" And "Emperor Go-Daigo" The Emperor Go-Daigo split into politics " Kenmu ( " Kenmu ) New Government " let's start doing ....

However, this new Kenmu Restoration collapsed in two and a half years, and the first shogun of the Muromachi Shogunate, Ashikaga Takauji , after both destroyed the Kamakura Shogunate. ( Ashikaga Takauji ) Conflict with Mr., Emperor Go-Daigo escapes to Yoshino (currently Nara) and a new imperial court "Southern Court" Opened.

As a result, the Jimyoin line emperor and Mr. Takauji Ashikaga "Northern Court" The Emperor Go-Daigo of the Daikakuji line is "Southern Court" We will enter the era of the Northern and Southern Dynasties, where the imperial court divides into two.

What are the emperor and the five emeritus?

The 94th Emperor Go-Nijo

1285 , The 91st generation of Daikakuji line, Emperor Go-Uda Born as the first prince of. To his half-brother Emperor Go-Daigo There is.

He became the emperor at the age of 17, but he became ill in the 7th year of his reign and died at the age of 24 . ..

The prince of Emperor Go-Nijo was only nine years old, and his younger brother, Emperor Go-Daigo, took the throne as a middle reliever, leading to the destruction of the Shogunate and the division of the Northern and Southern Dynasties.

89th Emperor Go-Fukakusa (Emperor)

1243 , 88th Emperor Gosaga Born as a prince of. Jimyoin line ancestor ..

Kamakura Shogunate 6th Shogun, Prince Munetaka ( Munetaka Shinno ) , Younger brother in his 90s, Emperor Kameyama There is.

He was crowned Emperor at the age of two and transferred to his younger brother Emperor Kameyama at the age of 17.

Since the parents loved the younger brother and the successor was also the younger brother's pedigree, the conflict between "Jimyoin line" and "Daikakuji line" began around this time.

After 1301, the age at the time of Emperor Nijo's coronation was 59 years So, three years later, 62 years old Will die in.

The 90th Emperor Kameyama (Emperor)

1249 , 88th Emperor Gosaga Prince, and the 89th Emperor Go-Fukakusa Born as a younger brother. Daikakuji line ancestor ..

He became the emperor at the age of 11, and later became the prince of the heavens, leaving his brother behind, and started the cloister rule, but this triggered a conflict.

After 1301, the age at the time of Emperor Nijo's coronation was 53 years And four years later, 57 years old Will die in.

The 91st Emperor Go-Uta (Emperor)

1267 , 90th Emperor Kameyama Born as a prince of.

He became the emperor at the age of eight. He became the emperor before Emperor Kameyama's brother, Emperor Go-Fukakusa, but at the age of 21, he was transferred to Emperor Fushimi, the son of Emperor Go-Fukakusa, in favor of the Jimyoin line. I will continue.

He was the father of the 94th Emperor Go-Daigo and the 96th Emperor Go-Daigo, and his will, the succession to Emperor Go-Daigo, also triggered the destruction of the Kamakura Shogunate.

After 1301, the age at the time of Emperor Nijo's coronation was 35 And 23 years later, 58 years old Will die in.

The 92nd Emperor Fushimi (Emperor)

1265 , 89th Emperor Go-Fukakusa Born as a prince of. His younger brother is the 8th Shogun of the Kamakura Shogunate, Prince Hisaaki ( Hisaaki Shinnou ) There is.

Emperor Go-Fukakusa's younger brother, the 90th Emperor Kameyama, was two years younger, but he took the throne first.

As a result, his father was able to work on the shogunate and become the emperor at the age of 22, and after that, it was agreed that the Jimyoin line and the Daikakuji line would take turns to send the emperor.

However, since Emperor Fushimi made his own prince the crown prince, the feud with the Daikakuji line became stronger.

1290 "Attempted assassination of Emperor Fushimi" There was an opinion that the mastermind was the Daikakuji line, but the investigation did not go deep and got nothing.

At the age of 34, he transferred to his own prince and began his cloister rule.

After 1301, the age at the time of Emperor Nijo's coronation was 37 And 16 years later, 53 years old Will die in.

The 93rd Emperor Go-Fushimi (Emperor)

1288 , 92nd Emperor Fushimi Born as a prince of.

After receiving the transfer of his father, he became the emperor at the age of 11, but he was the emperor from the Jimyoin line for two consecutive generations, and under the pressure of the Daikakuji line and the shogunate, the 91st generation of the Daikakuji line was only three years later.・ I transferred to Emperor Go-Nijo, the prince of Emperor Go-Uta.

I became an emeritus at the young age of 14.

After 1301, the age at the time of Emperor Nijo's coronation was 14 years And 35 years later, 49 years old Will die in.


"There were five emeritus for one emperor"

If you just listen to it, you will feel a lot of intimidation.

However, in reality, instead of the young emperor, his fathers were in control as "chiten no kimi".

As his father, he wanted to enthrone his own prince and establish a "cloister rule" himself.

Then, there was a conflict between the two families, and the situation was that the emperor took turns, so the emeritus was in a bargain sale state.

It's surprising that the shogun of the Kamakura Shogunate, famous for Genji, has become a member of the Emperor's family.