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[Ono Harunaga] Is Toyotomi Hideyori's father not Toyotomi Hideyoshi but this person?

Last updated:2022-07-25

This time Ono Harunaga ( Oh Harunaga ) I will introduce you.

He is not very famous, but he has some interesting rumors.

Actually, this person, Tenkajin, Toyotomi Hideyoshi ( Toyotomi Hideyoshi ) And his concubine ・ Chacha ( Chacha ) ( Yodo-dono ( Yodo-dono ) ) Was born Toyotomi Hideyori ( Toyotomi Hideyori ) Real father It is said that it may be.

Why did such a rumor stand?

And what kind of life did Ono Harun live?

Let's go.

Azai sisters eldest daughter, Chacha and her childhood friend!

Mr. Chacha is Omi country ( Ouminokuni ) (Shiga Prefecture) Sengoku daimyo Azai Nagamasa ( Azai Nagamasa ) The eldest daughter of her daughter, Azai Sisters, and her mother is Oda Nobunaga ( Oda Nobunaga ) Sister's oh city ( Ichi ) Mr. is.

She later became a concubine of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, a world-renowned man, and gave birth to two children. It will be.

1569 , Ono Harunaga is Tango Kuni ( Tango no Kuni ) It was born in (currently Kyoto Kita).

Harunaga's mother is Lord Okura Bureau ( Okra today's pot ) Chacha-san, who was born in the same year Nanny ( Uba ) She is said to have grown up with Harunaga-san. Her nanny is a woman who raised her child on behalf of her mother.

1573 , Chacha's father, Azai Nagamasa, was hostile to Oda Nobunaga and said, " Kotani ( " Odani ) Castle Battle Suicide ..

1582 , Oda Nobunaga is a vassal, Akechi Mitsuhide ( Akechimitsu Hide ) Suicide at Honnoji Temple ..

That same year, Chacha's mother, Oichi, was also Nobunaga's chief vassal, Shibata Katsuie . ( Katsue Shibata ) And remarriage To do.

However, the following year, Katsuie confronted Hideyoshi and said, " Shizugatake ( " Shizugatake ) Battle Self-harm in her own castle with Oichi I have done it.

Chacha and her sister, who both lost her father and mother, will be protected by Hideyoshi.

It seems that Mr. Harunaga and Lord Okura Bureau were also acting together.

And Mr. Harunaga is an elite group of horsemen who escort Hideyoshi's surroundings " Umawari ( Horse around ) 3000 stones It is collected in.

It seems that Mr. Chacha had a big presence in the career advancement of Mr. Harunaga, who has not achieved any achievements.

Hideyoshi's horsemen are Yukimura Sanada ( Yukimura Sanada ) Sanko Sanada Yukimura ( Nobushige ) There is also Mr.'s name.

1588 , Chacha-san is Hideyoshi's concubine Then, the following year, her firstborn, Tsurumatsu ( Tsurumatsu ) Give birth to kun ..

Hideyoshi has a regular room, Nene ( Nene ) There were dozens of concubines in addition to Mr. Chacha, but he couldn't have any children at all, and the birth of a firstborn in them was an event in which Mr. Chacha's power increased. (There is also a theory that Hideyoshi had a child in the past.)

Around the same time, 21 years old Ono Harun is Izumi Kuni ( Izumi no Kuni ) Sano (currently Osaka Minami) and Tango Kuni Ohno combined 10,000 stones Given daimyo We are joining the ranks of.

It is said that it is due to the achievements of my mother, but it is too unnatural.

To Sekigahara and the siege of Osaka!

Toyotomi Hideyori is born!

1589 Tsurumaru was born in Japan, but died of illness at the age of 3 . I will do it.

Two years later, Hideyori was born Did.

Hideyoshi is already 56 years old, and although he couldn't have children until now, the world is still buzzing with the continuous births that come here. Nobody says anything ...

1598, When Hideyoshi died, Nene, who was in his regular room, left Osaka Castle.

Chacha-san and Harunaga-san's mother, Lord Okura, will take power in the Toyotomi family.

Battle of Sekigahara!

Harunaga will be an aide to Hideyori after Hideyoshi's death.

Ieyasu Tokugawa ( Tokugawa Ieyasu ) When he was waiting for Hideyoshi to die, he acted to strengthen cooperation by marrying banned daimyo and secretly visiting the daimyo mansion.

Harunaga and three others said, " Ieyasu Tokugawa assassination I plan, but Ieyasu's second son, Hideyasu Yuki ( , was discovered in advance. Yuuki Hideyasu ) Shimousa ( Shimosa no Kuni ) I was exiled to (currently Ibaraki Minami, Chiba Kita).

The following year 1600 , " Battle of Sekigahara When the outbreak, Mr. Harunaga, who was under the supervision of Mr. Ieyasu, participated as the East Army as it was, and his crime was forgiven by citing his martial arts.

After the war, " No hostility to the Toyotomi family I will serve as a messenger to deliver the letter to Hideyori-kun at the behest of Mr. Ieyasu.

Mitsunari Ishida who took the initiative of Toyotomi in the Battle of Sekigahara ( Mitsunari Ishida ) Mr. Harunaga died, and Mr. Harunaga, who was highly trusted by Mr. Chacha, will remain in Osaka Castle.

The siege of Osaka!

The relationship between the Toyotomi family and the Tokugawa family gradually deteriorates.

1614 , " Seven Spears of Shizugatake Katagiri Katsumoto who was also one of the Toyotomi clan's elders ( Katagiri Katsumoto ) Was acting as a negotiator with the Tokugawa family, but he was regarded as a rebel by anti-Tokugawa factions such as Mr. Chacha and the Okura bureau, and he was banished from Osaka Castle.

When that happened, Mr. Harunaga was in a position to lead the Toyotomi family.

And finally, Toyotomi vs Tokugawa's " Siege of Osaka Broke out.

Toyotomi gathers the Ronin from each country who lost in the Battle of Sekigahara at Osaka Castle.

Ronin who want to measure the rebound in Sekigahara will become the main battle group.

Harunaga, who was thinking about the survival of the Toyotomi clan, was in the process of negotiating with Tokugawa, but his younger brother, Ono Harufusa, who was the main warrior. / strong> ( Ohno Harufusa ) Will be attacked by Mr.

Mr. Chacha was also particular about the world and did not reconcile, and the Toyotomi family was destroyed in the "Osaka Summer Team".

Harunaga is Hideyori's wife and Ieyasu's granddaughter, Senhime . ( Senhime ) Entrust the petition to and let him escape from Osaka Castle.

The petition says "I am entirely responsible for this battle and seek the help of Hideyori and Chachaden on the condition of my seppuku."

However, without fulfilling that wish, Mr. Harunaga committed suicide at Osaka Castle with Hideyori, Chacha, and Lord Okura.

Toyotomi Hideyori's father theory!

Toyotomi Hideyoshi wasn't blessed with his succession, even though he had dozens of concubines in addition to Seishitsu and Nene.

However, the year after Chacha became a concubine, Tsurumatsu-kun was born.

Moreover, Mr. Tsurumatsu was born to Hideyoshi at the age of 52, and Mr. Hideyori was born at the age of 56, a very old child.

And this is a little interesting, but

Hideyoshi is petite It is a famous story that he was a person, 150 cm It seems that it was about.

On the contrary, Chacha-san has a slightly larger physique It is said that.

The height of Hideyori in question is 197 cm . There was also! !!

Weight is 161 kg !! !!

Even now, he has a fairly large physique, but the average for men at that time was just under 160 cm, so it must have looked really big.

I think it's a bit exaggerated, but it's certainly bigger than average.

When Ieyasu met Hideyori, he was afraid of the huge body "I have to defeat the Toyotomi family!" It is said that he made up his mind.

When it comes to this size, the credibility of Hideyoshi's child, who was small, is doubtful.

By the way, Ono Harun is a tall person It was ...


This time, I introduced Mr. Ono Harunaga, who devoted himself to the Toyotomi family, and whether he was the real father of Mr. Hideyori Toyotomi.

At that time, it was not possible to find out who the child was by inspection, and since many such acts were done to leave offspring, even the person himself could not recognize it. it might be.

In the year Tsurumatsu was born, an incident occurs.

Hideyoshi lives in " Juraku brother ( " Jurakute ) On the white wall of "Who is Tsurumatsuden?" Graffiti will be done.

Hideyoshi, who was angry, executed the criminal, the people involved, and everything that was guarding Juraku's younger brother. The number of victims was over 60.

Hideyoshi-san may have noticed it a little more.

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