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[Masanori Fukushima] Even though he made an outstanding performance in the battle of Shizugatake and the Battle of Sekigahara, he violated it and made it easier !?

Fukushima Masanori ( Fukushima Masanori ) Has been a world-renowned person since he was a child, Toyotomi Hideyoshi ( Toyotomi Hideyoshi ) As a vassal of Mr., " Shizugatake ( Shizugatake ) Seven Spears Kiyomasa Kato of the same seven spears ( Kato Kiyomasa ) It's a famous person with Mr.

He also made a martial art in the Battle of Sekigahara, 490,000 stone daimyo It also became.

However, Masanori is Toyotomi Thanks ( Onko ) Since he was a man, the wind became quite strong in the Edo period.

Finally, the territory was confiscated due to the violation of repairing the castle without permission, and later Fukushima family reform I have followed the path.

Was the Tokugawa clan, who destroyed the Toyotomi clan in the siege of Osaka, in the way of the warlords from Toyotomi?

Let me introduce Masanori Fukushima's life in detail.

Toyotomi Hideyoshi and his cousins ​​!?

1561 , Owari Province ( Conclusion ) Born in (currently Aichi).

Masanori's mother is Hideyoshi's mother's younger sister, so a cousin relationship with Hideyoshi It hits.

Masanori's father is Okeya ( Okaya ) However, he later became Hideyoshi's vassal, and Masanori also took care of Hideyoshi's personal belongings from an early age. Kosho ( Pepper ) It will be.

Around the same time, Kiyomasa Kato, who is one year younger, also has a relative relationship with Hideyoshi, so he has a small surname . Was serving as.

Around 18 , According to Hideyoshi, " Chugoku Campaign " Miki Battle First team To decorate.

4 years later , At Honnoji Oda Nobunaga ( Oda Nobunaga ) Is Akechi Mitsuhide ( Akechimitsu Hide ) Hideyoshi and Masanori defeated Mitsuhide in Kyoto in just 11 days due to a big return from the Chugoku region. It is.

This " Battle of Yamazaki Mr. Masanori, who gave martial arts in ", was originally 200 stones Rokutaka ( Rokudaka ) Is 500 stones. Rokudaka is like a salary.

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⇒ [Honnoji Incident] I'm worried about the behavior of the vassals after that! ??

From seven spears to a daimyo!

After Nobunaga's death, Katsuie Shibata ( Katsue Shibata ) Mr. vs Hashiba ( Hashiba ) Hideyoshi Oda's vassal was divided into two to (Toyotomi Hideyoshi), " Battle of Shizugatake Has happened.

Masanori, who showed great success in this battle, said, " Seven Spears of Shizugatake One of them, and the other six are rewarded 3000 stones Was given, but only one person has 5000 stones Was given.

It seems that Mr. Kiyomasa Kato was not convinced by this ...

Was there a relationship that the blood relationship was closest to Hideyoshi?

Next year around 24 , " Komaki / Nagakute ( " with Oda / Tokugawa Allied Forces Nagakute ) Battle I participate with his father.

Then, after going through "Shikoku Campaign" and "Kyushu Campaign", around 27 years old , Iyo Kuni Imabari ( Iyonokuni Imabari ) (Currently Ehime) 110,000 stones Became a daimyo of.

Participating in "Siege of Odawara", Hideyoshi will unify the world.

In "Korean troop dispatch", he has traveled to Korea twice as captain of the 5th division.

Around 35 , Owari Province Kiyosu ( Kiyoshi ) 240,000 stones (currently Aichi) Was given the Toyotomi surname.

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Bunchi-ha and Budan-ha !?

For the Toyotomi administration, " Bunji ( " Bunch ) Faction " martial arts ( " Butan ) Faction There were two major factions.

It is no exaggeration to say that Hideyoshi's first vassal is Mitsunari Ishida . ( Mitsunari Ishida ) Mr. (Bunchi-ha) and Mr. Masanori and Mr. Kiyomasa Kato (Warrior faction) became even worse when they sent troops to Korea. It even caused.

It was Ieyasu Tokugawa who entered the arbitration of this case. ( Tokugawa Ieyasu ) For that reason, Ieyasu's relationship has become closer.

The battle of Sekigahara was not Toyotomi vs. Tokugawa, but the Toyotomi clan's Bunchi-ha vs. Budan-ha, and Ieyasu was able to ride on this and divide the Toyotomi clan into two.

⇒ [Ieyasu Tokugawa] has a long way to go before the lesser cuckoo crows!

Battle of Sekigahara begins!

After the death of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Ieyasu Tokugawa will begin to violate the laws of the Toyotomi administration.

" Don't stand a clique " Prohibit unauthorized marriage of daimyo "And so on.

He frequently visited the mansions of each daimyo and adopted them without permission. It's like increasing the number of friends.

In fact, Masanori's adopted child was also adopted by Ieyasu's adopted daughter.

One of the same five elders as Ieyasu, Kagekatsu Uesugi , trying to counter Ieyasu, who has strengthened his political influence. ( Too much Kagekatsu ) Embarks on military buildup in his own country.

Ieyasu asked Kagekatsu "What are you doing?" I will send you a letter.

On the other hand, Kagekatsu's vassal, Kanetsugu Naoe ( Naoe Kanetsugu ) Is ironically similar to " Naoe-like " Will be sent back.

Ieyasu was also very angry at this! " Aizu Conquest You are embarking on.

Masanori will also lead 6000 people to serve.

Along the way, when the news that Mitsunari Ishida had raised troops came in, the daimyo were upset as to which side to take.

Among them, Masanori declared that he would join the East Army as soon as possible Then, we will head to Sekigahara, the land of the decisive battle.

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Masanori Fukushima in the Edo period

In the Battle of Sekigahara, one of the five elders, Ukita Hideie ( Hideie Ukita ) He will make an outstanding performance in a battle comparable to his army of 17,000.

And when the East Army wins, Masanori Aki Province ( Akinokuni ) And Bingo country ( Bingo no Kuni ) (Currently Hiroshima) 498,000 stones I got it.

Toyotomi vs Tokugawa's "Siege of Osaka"!

Masanori never forgets the grace of the Toyotomi family even when the world becomes the Tokugawa administration, and Hideyoshi's child, Toyotomi Hideyori ( Toyotomi Hideyori ) Even when he is ill, he visits Osaka Castle to visit him.

The interview between Ieyasu and Hideyori at Fushimi Castle also convinced Toyotomi, who was against it, to take the lead between Tokugawa and Toyotomi.

Immediately after that, however, he was an ally of the Budan-ha Kiyomasa Kato . , Nagamasa Asano ( Asano Nagamasa ) , Terumasa Ikeda ( Ikeda Terumasa ) Toyotomi's patronage lords died one after another Finally, three years later, 1614 In addition, Toyotomi vs Tokugawa's " Siege of Osaka Has broke out.

Masanori refuses to join Hideyori from his standpoint, but he cannot participate in the Tokugawa army and will be away in Edo.

Some of the Fukushima clan have joined the Toyotomi clan, and Masanori's younger brother has been punished for having passed on to Toyotomi.

The Toyotomi clan is defeated and destroyed by the siege of Osaka.
What kind of feeling did Masanori, who devoted himself to the Toyotomi family, feel?
Did he think he made the wrong choice in Sekigahara?

After that, if I go to see him just before Ieyasu's death,

"If you are dissatisfied with Tokugawa, don't hesitate to raise a soldier." I will be coldly told.

"I've been working for the Tokugawa family to this day, but I'm sorry to say that!" It is said that he cried.

However, Mr. Ieyasu said that he wanted to hear Mr. Masanori's true intentions.

For Masanori, I think he might have betrayed Toyotomi in Sekigahara, and Ieyasu had made him cold, so he might have made the wrong choice.

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Fukushima family reform ...

1619 , Hiroshima Castle will be destroyed by the flood caused by the typhoon.

Mori family who was the general general of the Western Army at the Battle of Sekigahara Is defeated in Suo Province ( Subo no Kuni ) Nagato Province ( Nagato no Kuni ) It was moved to the country (currently Yamaguchi).

Masanori, who was next to the territory of the Mori clan, built a huge Kamei castle to restrain this. was doing.

However, this is " Law of One Castle Violation Then you will be ordered to destroy it.

And this time, " Hiroshima Castle Typhoon Problem " Buke Shohatto Violation I was doing it.

I submitted the notification two months ago, but I fixed it before the official permission was given, so " Unauthorized repair It has been said.

Masanori apologized and said, " Destruction of repair departments other than Honmaru It was a condition, but " Defeat only Honmaru I was accused of "insufficient destruction".

Furthermore, Firstborn, Tadakatsu Fukushima ( Fukushima Tadatsu ) It is also blamed that he was supposed to be sent to Edo as a hostage but delayed his departure.

As a result of these things, Masanori Aki and Bingo nations confiscated 500,000 stones Shinano Province (currently Nagano Kita) and Echigo Province (currently Niigata Minami) have been greatly reduced to 45,000 stones It has been done.

I think that the feelings of the present age and the Edo period are different, but is that so? I think that.

There is also a view that the Tokugawa family was afraid of Toyotomi's patronage, Masanori.

25,000 stones returned to the shogunate due to the death of Firstborn Tadakatsu the following year. ..

And 4 years later , Masanori ended his 64 year life here ..

After that, Masanori was cremated before the Shogunate autopsy officer arrived, so the remaining 20,000 stones were confiscated . Fukushima family is crushed It has become.


This time, we introduced Masanori Fukushima, a military commander who served from an early age under Hideyoshi Toyotomi, a world-renowned man.

The turning point for Masanori is still the choice in the Battle of Sekigahara . That's right.

Although he became a winner and became a daimyo of 490,000 stones, he may have spent his time with regret.

Even if the fact that he was attached to the East Army was not a betrayal to Toyotomi, it was an opportunity to give momentum to Tokugawa.

Just because you win doesn't mean that everything is happy ...