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[Teradaya Incident] Did it happen four years ago apart from the incident of the attack on Ryoma Sakamoto?

"Teradaya Incident" What do you remember when you hear?

Hero at the end of the Edo period, Ryoma Sakamoto ( Sakamoto Ryoma ) Attacks Officials at Fushimi Magistrate's Office It was an incident that was done.

Oh to be the wife after Ryoma dragon ( Ryo ) Detect the crisis in advance when he is taking a bath.

It is also a famous story that he informed Ryoma-san as if he were naked.

Actually four years ago In addition, a similar incident occurred at the same Teradaya.

This case is also called the "Teradaya case".

The owner of Teradaya, "See you again !!" It was like that.

The famous "Teradaya Incident" !!

The alliance of the two big feudal clan "Satcho Alliance"!

1853 , The Black Ships fleet led by Perry arrived off the coast of Uraga.

From this time, Japan will enter the end of the Edo period.

And 1866 , Ryoma Sakamoto succeeded in forming an alliance with the Satsuma Domain and the Choshu Domain, who had a bad relationship with each other.

As a result, the Choshu clan, which was considered to be the enemy of the imperial court, revived, and the momentum of the shogunate and the Aizu clan weakened.

The "Teradaya Incident" that occurred the day after the Sat-Chō Alliance!

January 22, 1866 (Also the theory that it is 21st), Satsuma Domain, Komatsu Kiyokado ( Komatsu Tatewaki ) Satsuma Domain Saigo Takamori at his Kyoto residence ( Saigo Utakari ) And the Choshu clan ・ Kogoro Katsura ( Wig Kogoro ) Is the Tosa Domain Ryoma Sakamoto "Sat-Chō Alliance" Was signed.

That around 2 pm on the 23rd of the next day , Ryoma Sakamoto was escorted by the Choshu clan at Teradaya in Fushimi, Kyoto Shinzo Miyoshi ( Miyoshi Shinzo ) We were celebrating the success of the Sat-Chō Alliance.

Ryoma, who has connected the two great feudal lords who had the power to defeat the shogunate, will of course become the target of the shogunate.

In anticipation of that, the Choshu clan had Miyoshi, the escort, beside him to protect Ryoma.

However, the time when the life was targeted came soon.

Ryoma's lover, Ryō who was taking a bath When he noticed the suspicious movement and looked out of the grid, he found about 30 officials at Teradaya. Was surrounding.

Ryō is almost naked and runs up to Ryoma on the second floor to inform her of her crisis.

The officials are "commands from the magistrate!" When I stepped into Teradaya,

Ryoma is "Satsuma Domain!" Says he lied. This is because the Satsuma domain was not authorized by the magistrate.

However, the lie was easily detected, and Mr. Ryoma was the Choshu clan, Shinsaku Takasugi . ( Takasugi Shinsaku ) With the gun he gave me, Miyoshi desperately resisted with a spear.

Ryoma hand injured .. It is said that Ryoma's photo is hiding his hand because of this wound.

Ryoma and his friends escaped from the back door opened by Ryoma, and other famous paintings such as manga are escaping on the roof.

Then, leaving Ryoma with an injured hand at the lumber shop, Miyoshi ran to the Satsuma clan's residence to call for help, and then rescued Ryoma safely.

First honeymoon in Japan?

Ryoma, whose hand was injured, heads to the Satsuma domain at the recommendation of Saigo Takamori for medical treatment.

It was a trip around Satsuma with Ryō for about 3 months, and this was the first honeymoon in Japan . It is said that.

In fact, about 10 years ago, the Satsuma feudal lord Komatsu Kiyokado made his first honeymoon, and there is a theory that he recommended it to Ryoma.

By the way, Mr. Shinzo Miyoshi has been given a sword and a position by the lord of the Choshu domain for his achievements in protecting Ryoma safely.

The "Teradaya Incident" that happened four years ago! !!

1862 four years before Ryoma Sakamoto was attacked by an official "Satsuma Domain Comrade Fire" that happened at the same Teradaya It is the case of.

Background of the incident

Elder Naosuke Ii ( Ii Naosuke ) Satsuma Domain, who was involved in the assassination of Mr. San with the Mito Domain Ronin, and was engaged in radical activities such as Sonno Joi, Arima Shinshichi ( Arimashinchi ) Mr. Miss.

Satsuma Domain 12th feudal lord, Tadayoshi Shimazu ( It's okay ) Hisamitsu Shimazu , his father and de facto leader of the Satsuma Domain ( Hisamitsu Shizuka ) Has led 1000 soldiers to Kyoto.

Mr. Hisamitsu said that the imperial court and the shogunate hold hands " Kobu Gattai ( " I want to get rid of it ) He was a sect and had no intention of overthrowing at that time.

Shinshichi Arima and other radical scholars recommended a cooperative route with the Shogunate. Kampaku Kujo Hisatada ( Kujo Hisada ) And Kyoto Shojiyo ( Depending on the situation ) Sakai Tadaaki ( Sakai Tadaki ) I was trying to attack Mr. Hisamitsu Shimazu and force him to go down.

However, Hisamitsu Shimazu was secretly ordered by the imperial court to suppress the Ronin.

To Teradaya!

Hisamitsu Shimazu knew the attack information of Shinshichi Arima and others in advance, and sent the same Satsuma domain officers to persuade them.

However, the persuasion failed, and Saichiro Nagata , who is Shinshichi's boss. ( Saichirou Nagata ) Feels that responsibility I had done it.

And the radical ronin gather one after another at Teradaya. The number has reached 40.

Mr. Hisamitsu described the 8 people who were good at swordsmanship and were close to the radicals as " messenger ( ". Chinbushi ) And dispatched to Teradaya To do.

"I want to talk to Shinshichi. Take me back!"

"What if I don't ask?"

"You can truncate it !!"

The Teradaya incident happens!

The messengers who arrived at Teradaya try to persuade Shinshichi and others, but they have no ears to hear.

And finally, the messenger, Gorobei Michishima ( Michijima Gorobee ) "Command hierarchy!" And abandon one of the radicals.

This is where the Satsuma Domain's friendly fire began.

Those who were cut from their shoulders to their chests and died, those whose ears were cut off, and those whose heads were cut and their eyes popped out were in a dire state.

Shinshichi teamed up with Michishima and pressed it against the wall, "Stab me!" I ordered his comrade, and he was pierced from his back and died.

One messenger died, one was seriously injured, and four were slightly injured.

Six people died from the radical scholars, and two were seriously injured and later seppuku.

In fact, most of the extremists on the second floor did not know the situation on the first floor and misunderstood that the officials of the magistrate's office had arrived.

"This is your life! There is no point in killing each other!"

Again, the messenger persuaded the descending radical priests, and the turmoil subsided.

After the radical scholars.

Twenty-one Satsuma feudal lords were returned to the feudal clan and dismissed. Some have escaped.

Among them was Saigo Takamori's younger brother.

Other feudal lords are also handed over to their respective feudal lords.

Some of the Ronin who had no pick-up were supposed to be kept by the Satsuma Domain, but all of them were slashed and thrown into the sea while boarding the ship.

It is said that this incident greatly increased the trust of Hisamitsu Shimazu from the imperial court.