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What Donald Trump should know about US history

Today, January 20, the inauguration day of Donald Trump As the 45th President of the United States, I would like to remind you of some things you should know about US history, especially when it comes to immigration policy. Because there was a time, back in the 19th century, when Americans were the immigrants and Mexico the country that welcomed them... with disastrous consequences for Mexico.

After the independence of Mexico was consummated after the signing of the Act of Independence on September 28, 1821, the so-called First Mexican Empire was founded, whose first monarch would be Agustin I of Mexico (Agustin de Iturbide). The Empire covered the territories of the former Viceroyalty of New Spain in North America (Texas, Oregon, California, New Mexico, Wyoming, Colorado...) and Central America, a total of about 5 million square kilometers sparsely populated. The Mexican government, following the policy of the Viceroyalty, facilitated the arrival of "legal" immigrants -by proximity, the vast majority were Americans- to populate such a vast expanse of land, even offering 7 years tax-free for new settlers. A very lax Mexican immigration policy and the American expansionist desire were used to introduce illegal immigrants, including criminals and a multitude of slaves, when slavery was totally prohibited by the Mexican Constitution.

When they wanted to put an end to this "invasion" and the violation of Mexican laws, it was already too late. In 1830 the immigrant population already exceeded the native population in the territory of Texas (an integral part of the Mexican Empire) -something that could happen very soon in some US territories-. In 1836 the Texians mustered an army and revolted, forming a provisional government in Washington and declaring their independence from Mexico. A good way to reciprocate the welcome, isn't it Mr. Trump? Instead, current Mexican immigrants in the US just want to integrate into their country and not break it.

After becoming one of the main recipients of immigrants, the US tightened immigration policies with the approval of the Immigration Act of 1924 . A law that, curiously, inspired the Nazis in their macabre idea of ​​torturing and murdering an entire people under the excuse of the superiority of the Aryan race. Under this law, a manual was drawn up to deny the entry into the United States of "imbeciles, idiots, mentally weak persons, persons of psychopathic constitutional inferiority, vagrants, physically defectives, chronic alcoholics, polygamists, anarchists , homosexuals, contagious patients, prostitutes, those over 16 who could not read... » -for example, they were subjected to various intelligence tests, such as “simple sums” or puzzles, to ensure that the immigrant was not an imbecile -. The most important border crossing point on the border with Mexico was El Paso (Texas), where, after passing the rigorous selective control of the manual in question, their heads were shaved, they were stripped naked and bathed in gasoline or kerosene to disinfect them .

On a certain occasion, in the middle of the disinfection process, someone lit a match and, “accidentally”, 26 prisoners died. To facilitate that control, disinfection centers were created and 127,000 Mexicans were inspected on the El Paso-Ciudad Juárez border alone until 1929. Zyklon B began to be used on this same border. as a disinfectant to eliminate fleas, lice, ticks... [Zyklon B is a cyanide-based pesticide that was used to exterminate insects and rodents, so effective that just 4 grams can kill a person ]. Several “quarantine camps were established ” where Mexicans had their heads shaved and disinfected with Zyklon B.

Journalist Paul Spike wrote in the British newspaper The First Post

The chemical products used to disinfect and delouse on the border with Mexico were responsible for the death of thousands of people, malformations in fetuses, cancer...

According to Dr. John Tappan

Entire families were wiped out by Zyklon B on the US-Mexican borders.

Did you know, Mr. Trump, that Hitler praised these policies and that he "copied" the use of Zyklon B?

The use of Zyklon B inspired Dr. Gerard Peters to mass-produce this gas in order to “eliminate pests ”. In 1938, Peters became president of the firm DEGESCH , which marketed this product, and published an article on the use of gas by Mexican immigrants in the German magazine “Anzeiger für Schädlingskunde ” with photos of police officers “cleaning up ” to Mexican immigrants. It was only a matter of time before the Nazis brought those practices to their death camps. Peters was tried at Nuremberg and convicted, but at a second trial in 1955 he was acquitted.

A note from Hitler read:

Compared with old Europe, which has lost an infinite amount of its best blood through war and emigration, the nation [the United States] appears as a young and select people. The nation itself, motivated by the theories of its own racial researchers, establishes specific and selective criteria for immigration […] Whether an immigrant can set foot on US soil depends on specific racial requirements, as well as a certain level of health…