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Where are the top 5? I tried to summarize the birthplaces of successive American presidents

Last updated:2022-07-25

Unlike Japan, the United States has a "federal system", and each state is like a "country", which is organized by the federal government and the president of the United States.

The power of the President of the United States is enormous, and he has a veto to Congress, called Veto, and can even use nuclear weapons.

American politics is pulled by the charismatic President of the United States, but the state of origin is quite biased.

There are more than 50 states, and 44 people have become presidents of the United States so far, so it is unlikely that there will be presidents from all states, but 22 out of 44 are from only four states. Limited to.

So, this time I've summarized the birthplaces of successive presidents of the United States.

By the way, the United States is largely divided into the north and the south from the process of its formation, and the south is further divided into the south, the west, and the east as follows.

The South Atlantic States:Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia (including Washington, D.C.)

The East South Central States:Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee

The West South Central States:Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas

It is further divided into the west and the east, but in the history of the United States, the division between the north and the south is still the key, and it is because the existence of the "Civil War" is very large, and I will touch on it later. However, until the Civil War, the number of presidents from the South was overwhelmingly large, and of the 16 presidents up to Lincoln, 10 were from the South, while after the Civil War, the number of presidents from the North was overwhelming. It is increasing in number.

This indicates that American politics has changed significantly since the Civil War, and it can be seen that it is concentrated in a certain state from the end of the Civil War to the beginning of World War II.

That's why I summarized the birthplaces of successive American presidents.

Which state is the top 5?

By the way, if they line up at the same rate, the states that have been promoted from the Vice President are ranked lower.

21st place:Nebraska (1 person)

Gerald R. Ford

21st place:Missouri (1 person)

33rd Harry S. Truman

8th place:Georgia (1 person)

Jimmy Carter

8th place:South Carolina (1 person)

17th Andrew Johnson

8th place:North Carolina (1 person)

11th James Polk

8th place:Pennsylvania (1 person)

15th James Buchanan

8th place:New Hampshire (1 person)

14th Franklin Pears

8th place:Kentucky (1 person)

16th Abraham Lincoln

8th place:Tennessee (1 person)

7th Andrew Jackson

8th place:Arkansas (1 person)

Bill Clinton

8th place:Iowa (1 person)

Herbert Hoover

8th place:Illinois (1 person)

8th place:Connecticut (1 person)

43rd George W. Bush

8th place:California (1 person)

37th Richard Nixon

8th place:Hawaii (1 person)

44th Barack Hussein Obama

7th place:Vermont 2 people

Vermont is a rare state where both have been promoted from Vice President, despite producing two presidents.

21st Chester Arthur

30th Calvin Coolidge

6th place:Texas 2 people

34th Dwight D. Eisenhower

36th Lyndon Johnson

5th place:New Jersey 2 people

8th Martin Van Buren

22nd and 24th Clover Cleveland

4th place:New York 4 people

13th Millard Fillmore

Theodore Roosevelt (carrying)

The 31st Franklin Roosevelt

The 45th Donald Trump

3rd place:Massachusetts 4 people

2nd John Adams

6th John Quincy Adams

35th John F. Kennedy

41st George HW Bush

2nd place:Ohio 6 people

18th Ulysses Grant

19th Rutherford Haze

20th James Garfield

The 23rd Benjamin Harrison

25th William McKinley

27th William Howard

1st place:Virginia 8 people

First George Washington

3rd Thomas Jefferson

4th James Madison

5th James Monroe

9th William Harrison

10th John Tyler

13th Zachary Taylor

28th Woodrow Wilson

Summary of the birthplaces of successive presidents of the United States

Therefore, the states that have produced multiple presidents are as follows.

7th place:Vermont 2 people (0 people)
6th place:Texas 2 people (1 person)
5th place:New Jersey 2 people (2 people)
4th place:New York 4 people (3 people)
3rd place:Massachusetts 4 people (4 people)
2nd place:Ohio 6 people (6 people)
1st place:Virginia 8 people (8 people)

Virginia was still overwhelming, with seven of the 16 presidents up to the Civil War coming from Virginia.

How many people have been ranked second?

It should be considered that six of the eight presidents, from the 18th President Ulysses Grant to the 27th William Howard after the Civil War, were indeed from Ohio and had an Ohio clan.

During this period, there was a lot of collusion with industrial capitalists, and the nation of the United States was operated by the Republican Party, who was the central political party in the north after the Civil War, and the president from Ohio, and his surroundings.

Therefore, there were many corruptions and corruptions, but the industry developed greatly and succeeded in becoming a creditor country from a debtor country after World War I.

There is a trend of prestigious families such as John Adams parent and child in Massachusetts, Roosevelt clan in New York, and John F. Kennedy and George HW Bush are also from Massachusetts.

I think it is very interesting from which state the president of the United States emerges, as it reflects American society more than personal qualities.