History of Europe



In 2015, the number of people fleeing from crisis areas who came to northern Germany skyrocketed. The attention is great, a lot is reported about the refugees. You see them fleeing, standing behind barbed wire fences, waiting at train stations, freezing in tents. men, women and children. There is often general talk about refugees, about the challenges for Europe. But few really know anything about these people who left their homes to find safety with us. How have you lived so far? What was the trigger for the escape? How did they experience the escape or rather survived? What wishes do you have for your future?

Stories of flight, trauma and hope

The two authors Daniela Raskito and Sven Hille visited several refugee camps in 2015 and met impressive people. She invited ten of them to the studio for an interview. In #EinMomentderbleibt they describe for the first time ever their moving story and the often very traumatic time of flight. They share their moments of pain, brokenness and loss - and usually have a very powerful appeal to the world community.