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The Nobel in love and stunned.

Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Adolf von Baeyer (1835-1917) was a German mathematician, physicist and chemist awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1905 for the development of organic chemistry. His greatest scientific achievement was the discovery of an acid with sedative and hypnotic properties. in 1864. In those years, good old Johan was madly in love with his girlfriend Barbara (that state of euphoria, of pleasure, of satiety, of being in a cloud... of being «ATONTAO «).

His new discovery had to be baptized... Eureka! (author license).

As the acid produced the same effects as falling in love, I would call it barbiturate , in honor of his girlfriend Barbara.

There are other less romantic and much more quarrelsome legends that attribute this name to a tavern, Santa Bárbara , where he went to celebrate the discovery with some colleagues. I'll stick with the girlfriend version of him.