Ancient history


A brig is a boat with two masts, a mainmast and a foremast. These two masts can have a quest (be a little tilted). It is therefore the absence of a mizzen mast that essentially distinguishes it from other ships.

The main yard of the mainmast called the boom carries the sails of the building which offers the largest surface area to the wind. It is from this sail, called brigantine, that the Brick or Brig owes its name. Both masts can be fitted with tops.

We distinguish the schooner from the brig:the first is rigged with auric sails, while the second has square sails, rigged on yards, as well as a brigantine at the rear. There is also the brig-schooner, rigged with square sails on the foremast and gaff sails on the mainmast.

The brig is cut for several things, such as racing at sea (privateer), cabotage, or conveyance. Its nautical qualities, in particular its speed and its manoeuvrability, made them prefer slave ships.

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