Archaeological discoveries

Find Dog Bones Dated 32,000 Years Ago

Mammoth hunting in prehistoric times was practiced with the help of dogs

The dog he is truly man's best friend and probably for much longer than previously assumed.

If until today the first certain traces of canine domestication date back to about 14,000 years ago, the recent discovery of bones in Siberia of dogs buried in cemeteries 32,000 years ago , forces scholars to backdate the event a lot.

At the time, dogs were very useful in facilitating the hunting of for primitive men mammoth, as they acted as bait forcing them to approach the places deemed most suitable, avoiding them exhausting chases in the plains.

Once the mammoths are killed, the dogs continued their work by guarding the bodies and preventing them from being devoured by other animals.

The fact that on the heads of some of the dogs found there is traces of healed wounds , shows how much the men of the time held them in consideration, so much so that they took care of them with love and dedication (Photo