Archaeological discoveries

Prehistoric Human Droppings Found and Analyzed in Spain

Archaeological site of El Salt, in Spain, where ancient human excrement was found (photo Reuters)

Everything is useful for understanding history, even ... the excrement .

In the prehistoric site of El Salt , in Spain, fossilized excrements almost certainly human have been found , which may be the oldest ever to be found.

If you think it is a somewhat "dirty" discovery and of no use, you are completely wrong, since the chemical analysis of these remains is allowing us to obtain interesting and "direct" information on human nutrition of Neanderthal.

It has been seen, among other things, that in the Middle Paleolithic, between 200,000 and 40,000 years ago, unlike what has been hypothesized so far, many vegetables were eaten.

In short, Neanderthal man's diet was much healthier and closer to the principles of modern dietetics than had been assumed so far (it was believed that they ate only meat and fish). (Photo