Historical Figures

104. Nehru wrote a letter to Sardar Patel, offering to leave his post.

In response to the letter written by Patel to Nehru on the Ajmer issue, Nehru wrote to Sardar that I am very unhappy about the tendency of such incidents and difficulties arising between you and me. It seems that you and I have different types of working attitudes. Although you and I have great respect for each other, the matter which has arisen between us should be taken very carefully by all of us. If I want to be the Prime Minister, I should be freed from such restrictions. Otherwise it is appropriate for me to give up the chair. I don't want to take any hasty steps and I don't want you to do so. That is why both of us should think deeply about this situation so that our decisions can be beneficial for the nation. You and I have served the nation for a long time. If unfortunately you or I have to withdraw from the government, it should be allowed to happen in a dignified and dignified manner. I am ready to gladly resign and hand over the power to you.

Sardar Patel responded to Nehru's letter in which he wrote that it is true that there is a difference between you and me on various subjects and issues, but in conclusion or as a final decision, it can be said that there is a difference between you and me. There is no distinction. We are working for the good of both the countries with a common objective. Patel wrote that sending Iyengar to Ajmer was wrong. I don't want to limit your freedom, nor have I ever done so before. Neither my intention is to create any kind of problem for you, but when it is clear to both of us that there are contradictions in the basic questions, rights and functions of the field of our responsibilities, then it will not be beneficial for our purposes which are both of us. want to do.

After receiving this letter, Jawaharlal Nehru suggested Sardar Patel to meet at Gandhiji's residence so that the matter could be discussed further. On 6 January 1948, Nehru sent a note to Gandhiji and sent a copy of it to Sardar Patel. Sardar accepted Nehru's invitation and sent him a message that whatever time he thought was appropriate, he should decide with Gandhiji. Sardar also sent a note to Gandhiji and gave its copy to Nehru.