Historical Figures

53. Sardar Patel refused to stand at the reception of the British Commissioner

Patel was kept in the jail along with ordinary prisoners. They were given jowar roti, some vegetables or pulses to eat. A blanket was given to sleep. The farmer's son did not face any difficulty in this type of life. He would recite the Gita in jail and inspire the prisoners to participate in the freedom movement.

They never get angry on the jail personnel even after forgetting. Even if an employee misbehaved, the Sardar would remain calm. They used to say that they are my own countrymen, if they were white, I would have told them something. It is a pity that our countrymen employ foreign whites to fill their stomachs. If they leave the government job, then the government cannot survive in India even for a day.

Once Commissioner Garrett came on a tour of the prison. All the prisoners were asked to stand in a row to pay their respects. The Sardar refused to stand in the queue and said that it was against my self-respect to do so. After visiting the prison, Garrett met with the chieftain.

Then Sardar told him that if you think that you have suppressed the movement by imprisoning the leaders then it is your mistake. Millions of Indians are still fighting for their freedom.

If you want to talk to us, then first release all the leaders from jail. Garrett could not find any answer to the chieftain's words, he got up quietly and left.

On completion of the sentence, Sardar was released on 26 June 1930. When Sardar came out of jail, he found that Gandhiji had been taken prisoner on 6th May and he had made Motilal Nehru his successor before going to jail.

When Sardar came out of jail, Motilal declared him as his successor. Motilal was also taken prisoner on 30 June. Due to this the reins of the party came in the hands of Patel.

On coming out of jail, Patel came to know that even in his absence the people continued to struggle. In Ras, where Patel was arrested, Satyagraha was at its peak. People had started a program of burning Holi of foreign clothes and did not pay rent to the government.

Salt law was being violated in every village of Gujarat. People were burning Holi of foreign goods. Women were gathering in large numbers and staging a sit-in at the liquor shops. Sardar Patel was very satisfied with all these things. Their hard work was paying off and the values ​​of freedom were being born among the people.