Historical Figures

91. The problem of Kashmir has been addressed by the UNO. When taken to me, Patel got angry with Jawaharlal.

When Pakistan invaded Kashmir in September 1947, Sardar Patel expressed his desire to save Kashmir by sending troops immediately, but Jawaharlal Nehru and Mountbatten opposed Patel's desire by saying that as long as the king of Kashmir wanted to meet in India. Indian army should not be sent to Kashmir until it is not expressed. On this Patel tried to save Srinagar and Baramulla Pass.

Patel, taking Defense Minister Baldev Singh into confidence, arranged Indian security forces in the Indian territories on the border of Kashmir in such a way that they could be sent to the war zone immediately. He also got the road constructed from Srinagar to Pathankot.

Sardar Patel was not in favor of taking this matter to the United Nations, but on the advice of Mountbatten, Pt. Nehru took the matter to the United Nations. On January 1, 1948, India complained to the Security Council that Kashmir, a part of India, had been invaded by armed tribesmen and that Pakistan was providing aid to them, both directly and indirectly.

Their invasion has threatened international peace and order. Therefore, Pakistan should be asked to withdraw its army and not to give military aid to the tribals and this action of Pakistan should be considered as an attack on India.

On 15 January 1948, Pakistan rejected India's allegations and accused India of malpractice, saying that the accession of Jammu and Kashmir to India is unconstitutional and cannot be recognized. The Security Council constituted a five-nation committee to solve this problem and asked this committee to observe the situation on the spot and make a compromise.

The United Nations Committee came to Kashmir and inspected the spot and on 13 August 1948, several suggestions were made from both the sides to stop the war and compromise, on which there was a long discussion between the two sides. Finally, on 1 January 1949, both sides agreed to a ceasefire. It was also decided that the final decision would be taken through a plebiscite. For this, an American citizen Chester Nimitz was appointed as administrator, but Pakistan did not comply with the terms of the agreement and the referendum could not be held.

Nimitz resigned from his post. The problem of Kashmir was badly entangled by taking it to the UNO. For this Sardar Patel got angry with Jawaharlal Nehru.

Later in 1965, there was a war once again between Pakistan and India over Kashmir and Pakistan suppressed a large part of Kashmir. A large part of Kashmir is still under the control of Pakistan.