Historical Figures

19. Vallabhbhai either walking or reading books all day

Arriving in London, Vallabhbhai started his studies in the Middle Temple. He started living in a cheap boarding house and spent most of his time studying books. His college was about 19 kms from Vallabhbhai's boarding house. They always reach there on foot to save money.

For this he would leave the boarding very early so that he could reach there before the library opened at 9 o'clock. This library was the center of his study. This was necessary to save the huge value of books. Vallabhbhai would sit there for hours and study and never leave the library before it was closed.

Vallabhbhai had made very simple arrangements for his food. For a thirty-three-year-old widower with children thousands of kilometers away in India, there was no dearth of attractions in London for him, but Vallabhbhai had nothing to do with the glitter of London. He never gave up on his values. Never give up on your resolve. During his stay in London, he would either walk or read books all day.