Historical Figures

23. Vallabhbhai got rid of Fox's sixes

Vallabhbhai still used to fight criminal cases and before taking the case he used to see that his client was not really a criminal. The main aim of Vallabhbhai's life was to bring justice to such innocent people who were implicated in false cases. He had no match in uncovering lies. False witnesses could not stand the feet of Vallabhbhai for long.

The police officers who weaved false webs used to tremble in the name of Vallabhbhai. The police officers were exposed to forgery which brought a lot of disrepute to the police. The magistrates who went out of their jurisdiction or did arbitrariness also had to become the target of Vallabhbhai.

A notorious English magistrate of Ahmedabad, Mr. Fox, used to hold courts from 9 o'clock to 12 o'clock in the night instead of holding court during the day. Many lawyers prayed for him to hold court during the day, but the sly fox made fun of Indian lawyers and turned down their request.

Once a case of Vallabhbhai reached his court. Vallabhbhai also reached his court at 9 o'clock in the night. He argued with the magistrate for such a long time that it was morning. The same thing happened on the second and third days as well. When the same thing happened on the fourth day, the foolish magistrate lost his senses.

He was not in a position to say anything to the smarmy English-speaking barrister who was discussed in newspapers around the world in his impressive English uniform. Exhausted, Fox fixed his court time at 9 a.m. like other magistrates. Then Vallabhbhai gave up the pursuit of that magistrate.