Historical Figures

Carloman (son of Louis II the Stammerer)(866 - 884)

Second son of Louis II the Stammerer and Ansgarde. He reigns jointly with his brother Louis III over the kingdom of the Franks on the death of his father (879). With the division of the territories Carloman receives Burgundy and Aquitaine. He joined forces with those of Louis III to fight in Gaul against the Normans and against Boson, Count of Vienna. Carloman II is recognized as the only king after the death of Louis III (882). He fights against Hugh the Bastard, son of Lothair II, king of Lorraine, who claims the kingdom of his father. Carloman (884) resolves to buy a few months of tranquility by paying a tribute to the Normans of Amiens. He died of a fall from a horse the same year.

Louis II the Stammerer Charles the Fat